Introducing Ommyx, the First-of-Its-Kind AI Health Tracking App

March 16, 2023

New app Ommyx uses machine learning to identify how nutrition, sleep, exercise, and wellness practices impact your health and performance–and empowers you to optimize them all.

Miami, FL (March 16, 2023) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Ommyx is excited to announce the launch of its AI health tracking app, an innovative platform that syncs with your wearables, integrates your health data, and sends custom recommendations that align with your goals straight to your calendar.

To founder David Mehlman, “Ommyx is about two things: finding causal relationships between the nutrition, activity, and sleep choices you make in your life and your health and performance, and helping you fit the recommendations we generate for improvement into your life so you can actually achieve your goals.”

Ommyx exists to bridge the gap between the wearables industry, which tells us what’s happening inside our bodies, and software products, which aggregate data to show us how different metrics look in one place. We’re left with a wealth of information but little guidance on what we can do to improve upon different health variables, or how to do so in the context of our busy lives.

Frustrated with those shortcomings at the start of his own fitness journey in his mid-thirties, Mehlman knew there had to be a better way. Ommyx is his solution. He says, “We are so excited to bring something new and different to the market so people of all ages, goals, and interests can live happier, healthy, longer, higher performing lives.”

Ommyx is the first app of its kind to house all of your health and performance data in a single place and provide personalized, actionable insights. Rather than navigating several different apps and making assumptions about how your different metrics may be related, Ommyx offers you one big-picture snapshot and shows you the individual and collective impacts on your health and performance.

Nutrition is at the heart of Ommyx, which makes it easier than ever to track your food and work towards your personalized nutrition targets. There are four ways to track: log your intake manually, search the database for common foods, scan your barcodes, or automatically add online recipes. Then compare your consumption with your personal daily and meal-level targets.

Ommyx advisor Meghann Featherstun, a registered dietitian and board-certified specialist in sports dietetics, leans on research and science to help athletes “fuel their biggest, baddest goals.” She sees Ommyx as “an invaluable training tool for individuals seeking both to optimize their nutrition and strike a balance between their nutrition, life, and fitness goals. For my clients, who are primarily runners, this will be a game-changer allowing them to truly integrate their nutrition goals with their performance and recovery data.”

With Ommyx, you have the ability to select the goals that are most meaningful to you, and then work towards them from all angles. Whether you’re aiming for athletic readiness, improved fitness, cognitive performance, or physical recovery, Ommyx will generate tailored insights just for you. To make the process as seamless as possible, Ommyx syncs with your calendar and provides recommendations that fit with your schedule.

Ommyx is for anyone interested in elevating their health and performance. If you already track your food, Ommyx will make that easier than ever. If you already use wearables, Ommyx will help you finally make sense of that data. If you’re ready to improve, you’re ready for Ommyx.

The Ommyx app is now available for purchase in the Apple app store for $19.99/month or $179.99/year (a 25% savings). Sign up for a free seven-day trial and get started on your Ommyx journey today.

For more information, questions or requests please contact the Ommyx team at press@ommyx.com


About Ommyx: Ommyx makes health tracking simple and instructive. It integrates your nutrition, activity, and sleep data, and uses machine learning to identify the individual and collective impacts on your health and performance. Using the personalized recommendations that follow, you can then turn insights into habits and track your progress towards increased longevity and heightened performance. With roots in both endurance and functional fitness, Ommyx is now trusted by experts across a variety of disciplines, including registered dietician Meghann Featherstunn, RD, medical doctor Molly Maloof, MD, and neuroscientist Allison Brager, Ph.D. Dive deeper at ommyx.com.