Internationally renowned Gravity Media appointed as broadcast partner for Sub7 Sub8

March 15, 2022

Mana Sports and Entertainment Group global lead to spearhead the broadcast for Pho3nix Sub7 Sub8 Project.

Sydney, Australia – 15th March, 2022 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Mana Sports and Entertainment Group today announced Gravity Media as the broadcast partner for the Pho3nix Sub7 and Sub8 Project, powered by Zwift, set to take place on the 5th or 6th of June 2022 at the Dekra Lausitzring in Germany.

Gravity Media is a global leader in broadcast solutions covering triathlon and similar events for 15 years. Their pedigree spans the inaugural Super League Triathlon broadcast at Hamilton Island and Ironman documentaries, as well as providing experienced and agile production teams to service large projects such as Olympic Games coverage and world-class technical provision for global broadcasts such as the Australian, US, and French Opens.

The broadcast requires top-notch production capability backed by years of experience to showcase the audacious attempt for Alistair Brownlee and Kristian Blummenfelt to go under seven hours and Nicola Spirig and Lucy Charles-Barclay to go under eight hours over the demanding full distance of triathlon.

The Sub7 and Sub8 Project involves a 9.5-hour live broadcast: 8 hours of live racing bookended with pre- and post-show content, featuring a host of special guests, pre-recorded content and technical analysis. The broadcast will be globally available for free via streams on sub7sub8.com, as well the Pho3nix Foundation YouTube and Facebook platforms.

With a new standard of human physical achievement likely to be set, the live broadcast will also be supported by a widely distributed one-hour highlights program to tell the story purely from the athletes’ perspective and cover the full lead-up and race week experience.

“It’s a pleasure for Gravity Media to be working alongside Mana Group to bring the Sub 7 Sub 8 project to global screens,” says Mike Purcell, Head of Production for Gravity Media in Australia. “This innovative and gruelling triathlon world record event will be matched by our innovative broadcast technology to engage fans through interactivity and immersion by being put in the athletes’ shoes through backstories and on-screen race data analytics.”

Pho3nix Foundation board member and Mana CEO Chris McCormack says, “Gravity Media and Mana’s senior leadership team have a long track record of collaborating on world-class, innovative broadcast productions, including the development of the inaugural Super League Hamilton Island broadcast. Gravity Media are willing partners who share our vision, are willing to challenge the norm and have a thirst for entertainment-led sports productions. We can’t think of a better partner to bring this extraordinary attempt to screens across the globe.”

To find out more about the Pho3nix Sub7 and Pho3nix Sub8 Project Powered by Zwift, visit the official website at: https://www.sub7sub8.com/


For further information, please contact lisa.pringle@manaseg.com

About the Pho3nix Sub7 and Sub8, powered by Zwift

The Pho3nix Sub7 and Sub8, powered by Zwift will set a new world standard of human physical achievement as we set out to do what many believe is impossible. Featuring the world’s greatest triathletes, the Pho3nix Sub7 and Sub8, powered by Zwift will deliver an unprecedented level of planning and world-best content and programming, engaging a global audience in this historic, sophisticated, audacious project that showcases human progress and inspires generations. The 18-month project will culminate with race day in 2022. More information is available at www.sub7sub8.com.

About Gravity Media

Gravity Media is a leading global provider of complex live broadcast facilities and production services to content owners, creators and distributors. We use the collective pull of our people and resources to capture, craft and create world-class content that inspires and excites. Our 500 people serve clients across the sport, media, news and entertainment industries from bases in the UK, Australia, USA, France, Germany and Qatar.

Gravity Media is a brand-new company with a 30-year pedigree, a force to be reckoned with formed by the coming together of four well known broadcast and production houses: Gearhouse Broadcast, HyperActive Broadcast, Input Media and Chief Entertainment.

Find out more at gravitymedia.com

About Mana Global

Mana stands for power and prestige, with an unparalleled network and credentials in the wide world of sports and entertainment. We deliver our projects, programs and services with pride, boldness and authority. Led by two-time Ironman World Champion, Chris McCormack, the Mana team has been responsible for some of the most important innovations in triathlon, including Super League Triathlon, the Bahrain Endurance 13 Team, and now the creation and delivery of Pho3nix Sub7 and Sub8, powered by Zwift. More information is available at www.manaseg.com.

About The Pho3nix Foundation

The Pho3nix Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation created to promote physical activity as a way to improve the health and wellbeing of children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Pho3nix Foundation’s flagship programs fall under the Participation, Progression and Performance pathway. The Pho3nix Kids program motivates and inspires children to participate in physical activity; Pho3nix Future is a mentoring and educational program supporting the sports careers and long-term development of young athletes; the Pho3nix Athlete Program aims to support athletes looking to qualify for an Olympic Games; and the Pho3nix Elite program (which includes the Pho3nix Team and Pho3nix Sub7 and Sub8, powered by Zwift) supports and promotes athletes reaching for the pinnacle of their sporting careers. More information is available at www.pho3nixfoundation.com