Innerforce: first brand in Triathlon to become Climate Neutral certified

April 22, 2021

Miami, Florida (April 22nd, 2021) – Innerforce, the sports apparel company founded in 2018 in the United States, unveiled their Climate Neutral certification for their 2020 carbon emissions. Innerforce became the first Triathlon and Multisport Climate Neutral Certified brand.

Tackling climate change means immediate actions. It’s not about devising a ten or twenty-years plan, it’s about finding solutions at this very moment. Innerforce, which became carbon neutral in 2020 as an organization by offsetting the emissions of its operations and energy consumption, extends now its commitment to their entire activities, production, supply chain, and product life cycle.

Striving for sustainable practices is not something new for Innerforce. During June 2020, the company organized the Endurance Conference, the first Climate Neutral Triathlon conference. A 3-day virtual conference to benefit the USA Triathlon in which world champions, Olympians, and top-class leaders came together to support the USA Triathlon Foundation. In honor of the foundation, Innerforce made a contribution through One Tree Planted to support reforestation projects in Colorado to offset the conference’s emissions and went on to support projects in other states such as Florida and California through 2020.

Climate Neutral is the standard earned by companies that commit to measure, reduce and offset all of their unavoidable greenhouse emissions. To do so, Innerforce went first through a thorough assessment process with the assistance of a measurement tool provided by Climate Neutral. Once a benchmark had been established, the organization set a pathway of ambitious reduction goals and taxed itself by offsetting the remaining emissions through a variety of nature-based and infrastructure projects.

As no business today can reduce its emissions to zero, the company has committed to working hand in hand with independently verified offsetting projects. While committing to reduce as much as possible year-on-year, the goal is to tax itself for its operations, production, and impact. Carbon offsets for unavoidable emissions drive immediate investment into climate change solutions, like tree plantings or renewable energy projects.

The next step is for the company to further work on implementing their reduction plans to decrease its footprint in 2021 including:

  • Shifting their production to Spain to have more control of every single part of the process and shorten the distances between world-class suppliers, production and its clients.
  • Major changes in packaging, moving onto compostable bags for both products and mailer bags and abandoning single-use plastic bags with devastating effects on the environment.
  • A commitment to sustainable fabrics. Innerforce is committing to at least 50% of their materials to be sourced sustainably by the end of the year.

“At Innerforce, we believe that how and why we do things is just as important as what we do,” said Juan López Salaberry, a passionate triathlete, founder, and CEO of Innerforce. “It is not only about creating amazing products; it’s about what it means while we do this. We are aware that this certification is not the solution to tackle climate change. However, it’s our commitment to our stakeholders that we are conscious about what we are doing and how we are doing it and ready to be held accountable. This is only the beginning.”


About Climate Neutral

It’s the standard earned by companies that offset and reduce all of their greenhouse emissions. This label helps consumers choose brands with net-zero carbon emissions, and Climate Neutral provides brands the tools to get there by measuring, reducing, and offsetting their greenhouse emissions.

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About Innerforce

Founded in 2018 in Miami, Florida, Innerforce is an American brand with a global presence that delivers high-quality technical athletic gear with no minimums focused on triathlon, cycling, running, and swimming. The brand takes the offering of custom and technical athletic equipment as a bridge to connect with passionate people who genuinely believe in sports’ power to change the world.

For any questions, please contact Marina Carvalho (Marketing & Communication at Innerforce), marina@innerforce.com, or visit Innerforce at  www.innerforce.com and on their social networks: Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.