INFINIT Nutrition Launches New Product: Javi Instant Protein Latte

January 26, 2023

The company’s long-standing MUD protein coffee line improves its name and look, but maintains the same fan favorite recipe.

Cincinnati, Ohio, January 26, 2023 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – INFINIT Nutrition, the industry leader in personalized sports nutrition, has unveiled a new protein coffee drink mix called “Javi.” The new product is a rebranding of one of the company’s founding formulas, MUD, which has been a popular part of INFINIT’s lineup since 2009.

The rebranding results from INFINIT’s decision to glow-up this cafe-inspired protein meal supplement formula, and features:

  • A new name and description
  • A revamped design and look
  • The same formula, flavor, and nutrition that MUD fans have come to expect

Though MUD has been one of the flagship products since the company’s inception, INFINIT decided it was time to find a name as palatable as this unique cafe-inspired protein blend’s taste.

“As long as there’s been MUD, there’s been some issues with the name,” says Michael Folan, INFINIT Founder and CEO. “‘we changed gears to Javi, a name that does a better job of describing the rich consumer experience in a high end-product.”

Part coffeehouse latte, part protein powder, the product name has been redefined to the more representative “JAVI Instant Protein Latte.”

To go along with the name change, Javi’s packaging design has evolved as well, drawing inspiration from INFINIT’s roots of working with adventure athletes while maintaining the rugged and natural look that has historically graced this coffee-infused formula’s packaging.

Despite the change in name and packaging, INFINIT made the conscious decision to not touch the recipe, which has garnered a loyal following over the years. Javi will boast the exact same nutritional breakdown and benefits as MUD, which include:

  • Premium, ultra-filtered whey protein isolate
  • Omega-3 rich golden ground flaxseed
  • Real coffee (25 mg of caffeine in each serving)
  • Clean, natural ingredients — No artificial colors, sweeteners or thickeners

Javi will be available for retail and wholesale purchase (MSRP $44.99, 22-serving bag) beginning January 26, 2023 at infinitnutrition.us, and will be coming soon to Amazon, and specialty retail stores nationwide.

About INFINIT Nutrition

INFINIT Nutrition is a worldwide sports nutrition company based out of Cincinnati, Ohio with production facilities in the US, Australia and the Czech Republic. Specializing in personalized nutrition, INFINIT manufactures customizable drink mixes designed by dietitians to naturally maximize athletic performance and fitness results. Developed with the company’s proprietary Osmo-FIT™ system, INFINIT hydration and protein ready-to-mix supplements are made with clean, natural ingredients and are formulated to be easy to digest, even in the most extreme conditions. For more information, visit infinitnutrition.com.