INFINIT Enters Wellness Nutrition Market with New :RESTORE Product Line

March 31, 2020

The Original Custom Sports Fuel Company launches Infinit Wellness, a new concept to deliver isotonic nutrition to those battling cancer, digestive issues, influenza & other health challenges.

Cincinnati, OH March 31, 2020 — After years of research and development, innovative nutrition company, INFINIT Nutrition, has unveiled a new company and product line dedicated to serving the health and wellness nutrition market.

Developed by INFINIT’s team of doctors, dietitians and sports nutrition experts, :RESTORE™ by INFINIT Wellness is a ready-to-mix meal supplement drink designed to provide relief to people who may be experiencing health issues that make eating difficult, those who may be experiencing stomach distress, and for those whose current health challenges are impacting their nutritional wellness and quality of life.

:RESTORE™ Provides:

  • Up to 30 grams of ultra-premium protein
  • A light flavor that is delicious and quenching all day long
  • An isotonic solution that is easy to absorb, acting like an Oral-IV
  • The ability to adjust calories, flavor or protein to match what you need today
  • Micronutrients and amino acids to support recovery and healing

:RESTORE™ comes in four natural flavors — chocolate, vanilla, fruit punch and cranberry — and is made with 100% all-natural ingredients with zero colors or artificial sweeteners. The consumer has the ability to customize their beverage by mixing 1, 2 or 3 scoops in 12-20 ounces of water, depending on the amount of calories and protein that they need to supplement in their diet, or based on their flavor preferences.

“When we launched INFINIT Performance, the requests began almost immediately from people searching for an alternative to processed canned meal replacement drinks,” explained Michael Folan, President and CEO. “INFINIT has always been good at fueling people who don’t feel like they want to eat, but they need to continue on with their day. We’re able to provide them simple, all-in-one isotonic nutrition designed to taste good even when they’re not feeling great.”

Diseases like cancer, influenza, GI disorders, autoimmune disorders and other chronic health conditions can put the body under tremendous stress. Symptoms of these conditions can make eating a chore, making it difficult to take in the nourishment needed to maintain strength. RESTORE™ by INFINIT was developed with these real issues in mind. The light and easy-to-digest drink provides hydration and nutrition to those who need it, supporting weight and muscle maintenance.

:RESTORE™ by INFINIT Wellness is available in large (36 serving) bags and convenient (2 serving) to-go packets, and can be purchased online on Amazon and at Infinitwellness.com.

About Infinit Wellness LLC

Infinit Wellness, LLC specializes in providing isotonic, all-natural nutrition solutions to support overall health and wellness. Researched and developed by Infinit Nutrition’s team of Doctors, Dietitians and Sports Nutrition experts with years of experience fueling & hydrating athletes through extreme physical conditions. RESTORE, the company’s flagship product, is designed to provide easy-to-digest relief and vital nutrition to help individuals conquer their individual health battles. To learn more, visit InfinitWellness.com.