Increasingly Events Turning to Motigo for Audio Run Experiences

April 7, 2020

Runners of Cancelled Events Now Run Locally Supported by Inspiring & Entertaining Messages

Denver, Colorado – April 7, 2020 – Race day is often a time of individual accomplishment achieved during a larger social experience shared by many, and with the mass cancellation of events, runners are missing out on both. Motigo, part of the Endurance Sports Coalition and the pioneer in delivering personalized audio to athletes during their activities and races, continues to work with leading events to help soften the blow of social distancing by enabling audio based virtual runs that create a truly unique and immersive experience.

The Marine Corps Historic Half (May 17), The Ottawa Marathon (May 23-24) and the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon (April 19) are among a number of new event partners turning to Motigo to create the kind of interaction missing among many traditional virtual races. In this time of social distancing, we’re all craving connection, support, and inspiration, and now runners from these cancelled events can choose to run their distance right from their very own neighborhood, while being cheered on with personalized audio messages from loved ones across the country, and hearing encouraging and entertaining audio messages from the event staff, sponsors, and other running personalities.

With a typical setup period of 48 hrs or so, Motigo can work with any event to create audio based, virtual “race” experiences within the Motigo app for iOS or Android, allowing runners to complete their planned race day distances wherever they are and whenever they want – all while being cheered on and supported by audio messages from friends and family as though it were the live event. Plus events along with their sponsors (if desired) can also record and deliver engaging and entertaining messages to enrich the experience – for example, races can create in-run audio tours with messages to help runners feel like they are out there on the actual course, hearing periodic audio messages about course landmarks, points of interest, and other race or destination specific attributes they would have encountered on race day.

Interested events and race directors can reach out to dan@getmotigo.com to learn more about the various ways to use the Motigo technology as supplement to their virtual run experiences to more deeply interact with and engage their running community.

About Motigo

Motigo is a mobile based, social application that connects runners to their biggest supporters.  Created by a Colorado husband and wife team, Motigo delivers Emotional Fuel™.  Its proprietary personalized audio messaging creates a timely and powerful connection between runners and their friends and family via personal, pre-recorded audio messages, which runners automatically hear at selected intervals throughout their event.  The app, available for iOS and Android, helps runners overcome the mental and emotional challenges associated with running-event participation, while enhancing the experience for all.  From consumers to non-profits and race sponsors, everyone involved in running wins with Motigo. For more information, visit getmotigo.com.

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