Inaugural Olympic mass marathon reveals stylish finisher medals

June 12, 2024

For the first time in Olympic history, the host city, Paris, is hosting a mass participation marathon on the evening of Aug. 10, the eve of the women’s Olympic marathon. On Wednesday, the finisher medals for the Marathon Pour Tous (Marathon For All) were unveiled, and they are stunning.

The Marathon Pour Tous (Marathon For All) medal features the official Paris 2024 Games logo on the front, along with the logo of the race sponsor, Orange Telecommunications, with the date of the race (10.08.24) engraved on the bottom. The back side of the medal has a maze-like design of the numbers 42 and 24, representing the marathon distance and the 2024 Paris Olympics, with “finisher” engraved at the bottom. Each medal weighs 150 grams, and measures 85 mm in length and 77 mm in width. Canadian Running