In wake of COVID-19 race cancellations, Run The Edge co-founded by Olympian Adam Goucher to offer FREE virtual race options

March 25, 2020

Runners and walkers who have had 5K to ultra marathon races canceled can do them after all via the “Un-canceled” Project produced by leading virtual event organizers

Boulder, CO March 25, 2020 – The COVID-19 crisis has sent the world spinning with a flood of event cancellations. Nearly every running race and event scheduled this spring has been canceled or postponed. “To athletes training for races, this news can feel devastating,” said Run The Edge Co-Founder and Olympian Adam Goucher. “We thought, ‘What can we do to minimize the discouragement and give people a positive outlet to do their events virtually?”

Fortunately, Run The Edge is already a world leader in providing unique virtual fitness challenges, so they decided to create something specifically to help runners and walkers affected by this crisis. In April, Run The Edge will launch a new series of virtual events called the “Un-Canceled Project,” or “UP.” This series will be completely FREE of charge and open to all who want to participate.

The Un-Canceled project will give participants access to the Run The Edge platform where they can select dates in April to complete distances that range from 5K through Ultra marathon. Each week, participants can choose up to 5 race distances to complete. In addition to the virtual races, there will be weekly themes centered around positive aspects of the human spirit that cannot be canceled.

“They can cancel schools, races, concerts, you name it. But they cannot cancel the best parts of what make us human. These things remain ‘Un-Canceled,’” explains Co-Founder Tim Catalano. “This is why we themed each week’s races to reflect the best sides of humanity.”

The first week’s theme for all the virtual race distances is “Gratitude Un-Canceled,” which includes customizable “bibs” that participants can share with friends and family to celebrate their accomplishments. There is also a series of optional activities and reflections that will take place inside the dedicated Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/groups/UncanceledProject/.

“We wanted to preserve the sense of community and excitement that is so essential to the in-person events,” added Amina Otto, Run the Edge Content Manager. “So, we will have lots of race day traditions happening in our online community.”

Why is it free? “We know these are difficult times for so many,” shared, Run The Edge COO Briana Boehmer. “It is in these periods of great uncertainty and strife that we are all called upon to do what we can for our community and the world.”

It is the hope of Run The Edge that by completing the distance they have been training for, athletes who have been affected by cancellations will be able to access that feeling of achievement and pride. “The tracker and platform that powers so many other amazing events, such as Run the Year and the Amerithon Challenge, can be put to use for a very important purpose right now: to honor and acknowledge the hard work of those who have been looking forward to events, and to create a positive goal to focus on in the midst of this health crisis,” notes Run The Edge CTO Kelsey Dutton.

Run The Edge’s objective has always been to motivate, inspire, and encourage people to move for the sake of both physical and mental health, and it is their belief that this mission is more crucial now than it has ever been before. Their motto “Everyone Included, Everyone Challenged, Everyone Successful” drives every aspect of the Un-Canceled Project.

About Run The Edge

Run The Edge is a company based in Boulder, Colorado that specializes in bringing health and fitness inspiration, motivation, and success to the running community. Founders Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano began Run The Edge in 2011 with the debut of their best-selling book, Running The Edge, and shortly found success in motivational speaking. Run The Edge migrated to the virtual community in 2014 with Level-Up Training Plans and Virtual Fitness Challenges.The ultimate goal of Run The Edge is to help people around the world improve their fitness and overall well-being, and to encourage all levels of transformation and growth through community support. Learn more at www.runtheedge.com.