iKOR Labs Releases Recovery Shot 2.0

July 21, 2020

A new spin on a fan favorite, iKOR Labs ups the ante with an all new product formula

Boulder, CO – iKOR Labs, the Boulder-based producer of recovery-enhancing hemp oil/CBD (cannabidiol) products, releases the Recovery Shot 2.0 with a revamped recipe and upgraded ingredients.

A result of extensive testing and product research, the iKOR product team, with Dr. Andy Pruitt at the helm, has developed an all new formula. Using the latest in Nanotechnology, every ingredient has been reduced in size for increased bioavailability, while improved liposomal encapsulation protects the ingredients until they reach the small intestine ensuring almost total absorption into the bloodstream, resulting in a higher power product all around.

“While the results of the research study were extremely positive, we also learned there was more we could do.” Explains Dr. Andy Pruitt, iKOR Labs Sports Medicine Consultant. “Every change we made was based in science. Items that could not be nanosized were removed, resulting in a product that delivers more of every ingredient directly to the user. Take the Recovery Shot before a workout, during or after and you will feel the benefits.”

Known to build nerve and white blood cells, Vitamin B12 has been added to the recipe to support athletic recovery. Combined with increased levels of Vitamin C and Vitamin D, the Recovery Shot 2.0 bolsters the immune system against daily stress and heavy training. Broadspectrum CBD is now being used, providing the same great benefit without any worry of testing positive for THC.

“The Recovery Shot is our most loved product, so when we started talking about changing the formula, we knew we needed to nail it.” Explains Craig Sweeney, iKOR President. “Dr. Pruitt and the product team were able to combine scientific research with customer feedback and a bit of their own secret genius, to take a product we thought was perfect and truly blow us all away.”


About iKOR Labs

Launched in 2016, Colorado-based iKOR Labs brings to life natural and scientifically proven products dedicated to empowering athletes of all levels to achieve their goals. Currently boasting a suite of clean, recovery-enhancing hemp-based CBD products iKORs commitment to quality remains unmatched. Each product is individually designed to protect the body from the stresses of training, and act as a highly protective antioxidant, an effective anti-inflammatory, and powerful mood booster. Learn more at ikorlabs.com.