iFit Trainer Ashley Paulson Qualifies for the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials, Bringing Elevated Expertise to iFit Members

February 19, 2020

(Logan, UT) – February 19, 2020 – iFit Trainer Ashley Paulson will compete in the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta, Georgia on February 29, 2020. Paulson, an accomplished ultrarunner, triathlete, and marathon runner with a personal best time of 2:36:01, is a favorite among iFit members on both treadmill and stationary bike workouts. Her extensive running and biking knowledge lends itself to crafting workouts that are not only challenging, but also effective and informative.

iFit’s connected fitness platform allows a multifaceted interaction between the iFit member, the iFit Trainer, and the customer’s smart home fitness equipment. iFit’s interactive tech seamlessly adjusts the speed, incline, decline and resistance of iFit-enabled machines. This happens in sync with the interactive, trainer-led streaming workouts that are shot on location around the world and in iFit’s expansive studio. iFit interactive streaming workouts are available on NordicTrack and ProForm home fitness equipment, including treadmills, cycles and rowers.

Paulson’s long list of professional accolades gained the attention of the iFit team in 2018. When choosing trainers, iFit looks for high-energy personalities who bring first-hand experience and expert knowledge to their workouts. Paulson won 22 marathons, has been a professional triathlete for four years and placed first in an Ultra Ironman—twice the distance of a standard Ironman—breaking the course record by more than six hours. During the iFit workouts she leads, Paulson shares her optimistic energy and first-hand expertise to coach members on form, proper breathing techniques and positive mental mindset to achieve an overall more impactful workout.

At the request of the iFit community, the iFit production crew shot, produced and posted an 18-part Boston Marathon workout series, the first time iFit filmed a live marathon. Followed by the iFit crew, Paulson coached iFit members through the crowded and energetic the 2019 marathon as she ran the race in real time. iFit members running on their treadmills enjoy a “race day” experience with iFit’s automatic incline adjustment throughout the entire course, including the famed Heartbreak Hill.

At 38 years old and a mother of four, Paulson’s ability to balance a successful fitness career with a busy family life has been a source of inspiration to the iFit community. Rising for an early outdoor run or using her NordicTrack treadmill during her children’s naptime has allowed her to train and race while still prioritizing her family.

“Finding the right balance between my career and family has been a challenge,” Paulson said. “But I’ve tackled this just like I tackle my training—by giving a hundred percent and focusing on constant progress and improvement.”

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