iFit Makes Treadmill Travellin’ at Home a Reality

April 26, 2020

iFit Connected Fitness Now Streaming Egypt Archeological Walking Tour Series

LOGAN, Utah, April 27, 2020—iFit, the leading interactive, connected fitness technology, is now streaming its Egypt walking series, a 14-part tour. This walking series is available to all iFit members and all free trial users of the newly launched iFit app.

With iFit’s newly launched app, iFit’s award-winning workouts can be enjoyed with any brand of equipment, or with no equipment at all. Simply prop a smartphone on the equipment and manually adjust to match the iFit workout streaming on your phone. And for those without home equipment, enjoy learning about Egypt while walking in place. For those with iFit-enabled equipment, as always, the machine adjustments are automatic.

iFit’s Egypt series explores the magnificent monuments, iconic pyramids and many other historic landmarks. Led by world-renowned Egyptologist, Ramy Romany, the tour virtually brings to life the history and culture of Egypt home — an ideal escape for the many in self-isolation in response to Covid-19.

Romany is a 7-time Emmy Award winning Egyptologist and documentarian. He currently produces and hosts Discovery Channel’s “Mummies Unwrapped,” a series that explores Egyptian tombs and hidden crypts to uncover the legends of ancient civilization. Given his expertise and authority, iFit gained access to locations and landmarks not normally open to tourists.

iFit’s is delighted to provide such a rich walking tour, one that fuses fitness, travel and education. The Egypt walking series provides an enjoyable and educational way to gently move throughout the day, simulating the walking that would otherwise be accomplished during non-isolation days.

The iFit Global Workout walking series contains 14 parts:

  1. Great Pyramids of Giza
  2. Inside the Great Pyramid
  3. Ben Pyramid of Dahshur
  4. Stepped Pyramid of Zoser
  5. Mysteries of the Sphinx
  6. Karnak Temples
  7. Luxor Temple
  8. The Colossi of Memnon & the Ghost Village of El Qurna
  9. Temple of Queen Hashepsut
  10. Valley of the Kings
  11. Tomb of Tutankhamun
  12. Tomb of Ramses V and VI
  13. Al Moaz Street & Khan El Khalili Bazaar
  14. Modern Egypt and Tahrir Square

The tour is held at a comfortable walking pace of 2.5 mph with each part of the series ranging from 20-30 minutes. The series is ideal for recovery days, beginners and for those wishing to supplement their more rigorous workouts with low intensity movement throughout the day.

Interactive iFit technology is a proprietary streaming technology that allows a multi-faceted interaction between the user, their iFit trainer and their smart machine. iFit seamlessly adjusts the speed, incline, decline, and resistance of iFit-enabled machines in sync with interactive trainer-led streaming workouts shot on location around the world. Content on all machines includes interactive Studio Classes, Global Workouts, Cross Training Workouts and Google Map Workouts.

The iFit Egypt Global Workout series is available now to all iFit members and 30-day free trial members. View the trailer for this series here.

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About iFit

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