HJMT Media, LLC Extends Gratitude to Esteemed Sponsors

June 22, 2023

Wantagh, NY – June 22, 2023 /ENDURANCE SPORSWIRE/ – HJMT Media, LLC, the innovative media company behind the popular podcast “Hilary Topper on Air: The Endurance Sports Edition,” along with ATriathletesDiary.com, proudly expresses heartfelt appreciation to its valued sponsors for their unwavering support.

Sponsors play a vital role in the continued success of its multimedia platforms, helping them deliver exceptional content and engaging experiences to its diverse audience. Without their generous contributions, it would not be able to bring the remarkable stories, insights, and inspirations that have become synonymous with HJMT Media.

HJMT Media, LLC extends its deepest gratitude to the following sponsors –

  • “Hilary Topper on Air – The Endurance Sports Edition” sponsor:

o    BoldFoot Socks: A purveyor of high-quality, ethically made socks that merge style with social responsibility.

  • ATriathletesDiary.com sponsors:
    • Myostorm: Innovators behind the revolutionary vibrating heating massage ball designed to enhance muscle recovery and performance.
    • Velosurance: A specialized insurance provider offering comprehensive coverage for bicycles and related equipment.
    • The Right Stuff: Creators of an electrolyte formula that optimizes hydration and boosts endurance in demanding sports.
    • Retul: Leaders in bike fitting technology, providing precision bike fitting services for optimal performance and comfort.
    • MOXiLIFE Nutrition: An industry leader in sports nutrition, offering innovative products to optimize performance and recovery.
    • Zealios: Makers of premium skincare and haircare products tailored to the needs of endurance athletes.
  • From Couch Potato to Endurance Athlete Book Tour Sponsors:
    • Roka: A renowned brand crafting cutting-edge athletic gear and eyewear for passionate athletes.
    • Headsweats: Innovators in performance headwear, offering breathable and moisture-wicking caps and visors.
    • Bolay Fresh Kitchen: A vibrant and innovative restaurant that offers a customizable and flavorful menu of wholesome ingredients inspired by various cuisines.
    • BioTropic Labs: A leading biotechnology company dedicated to researching and developing cutting-edge solutions for enhancing human health and well-being.
    • SUMARPO: A pioneering brand that revolutionizes the world of triathlon with their cutting-edge, environmentally friendly wetsuits designed to provide unparalleled speed and flexibility, empowering athletes to reach new levels of sports performance.
  • Event Sponsors:
  • EventPower: Organizers of exceptional Long Island endurance events, bringing communities together in celebration of athletic achievements.
  • ALPHA Win: A national sports event company that provides a full range of skill and fitness levels from triathlon racing to running.
  • Integrity Multisport: They are a Florida based endurance race company putting on stellar races across the state.
  • Chicago Triathlon: An iconic event fostering a vibrant triathlon community and empowering athletes to achieve greatness, hosted by Lifetime Fitness.

“Our sponsors’ commitment and partnership have allowed us to deliver remarkable content and memorable experiences to our devoted audience,” says Hilary Topper, President of HJMT Media, LLC. “We are immensely grateful for their support, as it enables us to continue sharing stories that inform, inspire, and entertain.”

As HJMT Media, LLC moves forward, the media company welcomes new sponsors to join its family of visionaries and supporters. Together, they can embark on exciting journeys, create impactful content, and inspire audiences around the world. To explore sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lisa Gordon at Lisa@hjmt.com.

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HJMT Media, LLC is an innovative media company dedicated to delivering exceptional content through various multimedia platforms. With the popular podcast “Hilary Topper on Air: The Endurance Sports Edition,” as well as the informative website ATriathletesDiary.com, HJMT Media reaches and engages a diverse audience, offering valuable insights, compelling stories, and entertaining experiences.