HEXR announce the launch of two new helmet shells – reinvigorate your helmet

September 27, 2021

HEXR are excited to announce sky-blue Azure and evergreen Eucalyptus as the two new colourways to their shell collection.

The team at HEXR (https://hexr.com/) are pleased to launch their new shell colourways, a reinvigoration of their custom-fit cycling helmets.  The new shells provide a beautiful new look by updating the colour of the helmet whilst not removing any of the high standards of safety.

HEXR opted for a non-uniform fade that focuses on the airflow around the helmet, a subtle nod to the technical aspect of the brand. Whilst the colours take inspiration from the natural environment, the beauty of the great outdoors and the colours seen from the British coastline.

The Azure fade shell design takes inspiration from blue skies and choppy sea, reminiscent of those London to Brighton summer rides. The colour of the new Eucalyptus colourway is inspired by gravel rides through wispy fields and deep green leaves decorating woodlands.

Additionally, the convenience of the compartmented helmets makes them easy to clean, replace and swap.

Theo Clarke, Operations Manager at HEXR says,

“We’re delighted to be able to launch the new shells. The beauty of our modular design means you can reimagine your helmet by adding colour but not deducing away any of the key characteristics that make our helmets so unique and incredibly safe. The colours are perfect to stand out and make a statement on your rides.”

With plenty of time for adventures ahead and many miles to make up for, now is a great time to refresh your look and pick up a new shell.

For more information about HEXR, visit https://hexr.com/ 



HEXR is a team of designers, engineers and scientists working together to develop the safest head protection. Using an industry-first smartphone app to take a 3D scan of your head, HEXR produces a custom helmet to create a tailored fit. This ground-breaking technology provides the highest safety elements on the market, out-performing all competitors. The app builds a 250,000-point model of the head in seconds, mapping out precise dimensions and curvature of the head, meaning no two helmets are the same. They explore new frontiers of 3D printing and 3D scanning to achieve the highest level of safety and comfort.


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