Hexis secures £1.6 Million in Pre-Seed Funding, welcoming APEX and Sport Republic as Strategic Partners.

May 8, 2024

Hexis, pioneers of AI-driven fuelling plans for athletes, have announced that they have successfully raised a £1.6 million pre-seed fundraising round. This significant achievement underscores the company's innovative approach to enhancing sports performance, validating the strength of their intelligent personalised nutrition technology and future plans for growth.

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The successful pre-seed round of funding includes investment from APEX, a world-class athlete-backed venture capital firm with a track record of backing successful technology startups, and Sport Republic, a global sports investment company with controlling ownership of the football clubs Southampton FC, Valenciennes FC (France) and Göztepe SK (Turkey). The involvement of such prominent industry players provides strong validation for the strength of both the technology and team that drive the Hexis brand, accompanying the support offered by other high profile sports VCs including Dopamine Sport Ventures, along with Tour de France stage winners and Olympic medallists.

The foundations of Hexis technology are built on the understanding that every athlete is unique, as is their path to peak performance. This also means tailored fuelling is the only way to meet those unique needs, thereby unlocking every athlete’s true potential.

For the first time, every athlete can now have a fully personalised fuelling plan matched precisely to their requirements. This is made possible by its exclusive scientific Carb Coding TM system, which calculates and predicts how you should fuel. Hexis is also the first to offer a fuelling plan that adapts in real-time according to an athlete’s workout to optimise performance and accelerate recovery.

Hexis stands at the forefront of sports nutrition and performance science innovation, propelled by the leadership of Dr. David Dunne, alongside Dr. Sam Impey and, more recently, Professor James Morton, who have spearheaded the groundbreaking advancements in performance science and technology.

Hexis is led by CEO and Co-Founder Dr David Dunne, whose work on Behavioural Design Thinking has helped bring Co-Founder Dr Impey and Professor Morton’s research to life in technology. He has also directed the nutrition for the Ryder Cup Team Europe over the past eight years, collaborating closely with athletes like Rory McIlroy. His expertise spans a range of sports, including Harlequins Rugby, British Canoeing, and high-profile athletes from the NBA, the Premier League, Super League, World Tour Cycling, and Professional Boxing.

Dr Impey is highly regarded not only for his work on the UCI World Tour but also for his substantial contributions to sports nutrition, notably as a co-author of the landmark paper “Fuel for the Work Required.” This is the most widely cited piece of sports nutrition work in the last decade and has significantly influenced how athletes manage their energy and nutrition intake to influence how they perform, adapt and recover.

Professor James Morton, previously a performance nutritionist for Liverpool FC and Head of Nutrition and Physical Performance at Team Sky, brings extensive experience from the pinnacle of elite sports. Through his work with INEOS, Morton plays an important role at Manchester United FC, where he is helping to shape the team’s performance strategies.

The Hexis team has also welcomed Stephen Moon, the former CEO of Science in Sport (SiS), to its board. With over a decade of leading the world’s number one endurance nutrition brand, Moon is contributing to the brand’s strategic direction and success.

With this wealth of knowledge across every aspect of the business, Hexis ensures that its solutions are grounded in scientific evidence and tailored to its users’ needs.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with David and the entire Hexis team. In sports performance, proper nutrition plays a critical role, and Hexis stands out by making personalised nutritional guidance accessible to everyone. This kind of support will be crucial for athletes and sports organisations across the board. The Hexis team structure is impressive, with a CEO who has progressed from practitioner to PhD graduate to founder. The broader team of advisers, encompassing both academic and sports backgrounds, helps ensure that the team stays true to its mission of empowering athletes through nutrition. We can’t wait to embark on this journey and see the positive impact Hexis will have on the future of sports performance.” said Koen Bosma, Head of Venture Capital at APEX.

Rasmus Ankersen, CEO of Sport Republic, says, “Our investment in Hexis reflects our belief in the power of technology and data to transform sports performance. At Sport Republic, we are focused on leveraging innovation and technology to drive results in our football clubs, and we are excited to partner with Hexis and their superior intelligent nutrition technology to bring even greater success to the realm of sports performance, both on and off the field.”

Professional cyclist Bob Jungels, a long-time advocate and user of Hexis, says: “I’ve been using Hexis for quite some time, and it has become an essential part of my training and recovery routine. The platform’s focus on personalised data and recovery optimisation has made a significant difference in my performance. I am delighted to see Hexis secure this funding and to be part of its journey. It further reinforces my belief in the brand’s ability to revolutionise how athletes train, recover, and perform.”

Co-founder and CEO Dr. David Dunne, a renowned figure in sports nutrition, leads Hexis. With a wealth of experience working with elite athletes, Dunne is committed to using technology to optimise athlete performance and wellbeing.

David says, “We are proud to have the backing of APEX and Sport Republic as we continue to push the boundaries of intelligent personalised nutrition technology to enhance performance. Their investment is a major vote of confidence in our mission, and it will allow us to accelerate our efforts to support athletes, coaches and organisations with cutting-edge solutions. We’re excited to collaborate with them and leverage their expertise and industry connections.”

With the additional funding, Hexis plans to enhance its technology infrastructure, expand its platform capabilities, and strengthen partnerships with sports organisations, coaches and individual athletes. The brand’s long-term vision includes expanding into new sports markets and establishing itself as a leader in sports technology and athlete performance.

For more information about Hexis, visit www.hexis.live.



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Hexis was founded by PhDs in human performance, sports nutrition, exercise physiology, behaviour change, data science and computer science. Built on the science-backed foundations of an exclusive Carb Coding TM system, it calculates and predicts how an athlete should fuel. Every athlete is unique – and now they can access intelligent, personalised nutrition to enhance their performance.

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