haku Drives The Customer Loyalty Experience With Launch of Enhanced Memberships Solution

February 10, 2021

As the pandemic continues to alter customer buying habits and give way to the rise of virtual events, many endurance event organizations have started to look at ways to retain new participants and reward loyal customers. This created a valuable opportunity for industry-leader haku to enhance its state-of-the-art Memberships solution. Through haku’s Memberships solution, organizations can reach their goals with programs customized to their unique needs and take their customer loyalty journey to the next level.

While many platforms rely on third-party integrations, haku’s Memberships solution lives within its all-in-one platform, making it seamless for member management. With haku’s innovative platform, organizations are empowered to build custom membership programs, offer more unique experiences, and create lifelong customer relationships. Organizations such as the Atlanta Track Club are already using haku’s Memberships solution to optimize their customer loyalty programs and drive more revenue.

“Our Memberships solution was designed with our partners top of mind,” said Carlos Escobar, haku’s CEO and Founder. “The haku team has taken this important feature to the next level to empower our partners, increase customer retention, and strengthen communities.”

Built on its powerful all-in-one platform, haku’s Memberships solution widens the scope of what’s possible to maximize customer loyalty. Some features included in haku’s enhanced Memberships release include:

  • A complete suite of customizable options to optimize the entire membership experience, such as membership tiers, guest passes, auto-renewal, discounts, payment options, and much more.
  • Detailed analytics on member activity, spending, and engagement so organizations can easily glean powerful insights and quickly take action. With participant and membership information all in one place, organizations have a true 360-degree view of their community.
  • A fully branded registration experience customized for each organization to help drive new memberships and increase revenue. haku enables participants to become lifelong members in minutes.
  • Powerful marketing solutions that create relationship-building moments and a cohesive customer journey for members. Members can be targeted with personalized emails and SMS messages using haku’s powerful campaign builder to drive engagement.

Want to learn more about haku’s Memberships solution? Contact haku here: https://hakusports.com/contact

About haku:

haku is an unparalleled technology partner that forward-thinking organizations are working with to create powerful events and surpass their goals. Through a robust all-in-one platform and modern peer-to-peer fundraising suite, world-class organizations can better plan and promote events, track progress, engage their participants, and move their events and businesses forward – all with haku’s state-of-the-art technology ecosystem and unmatched partnership. haku is trusted by organizations such as the Boston Athletic Association, Team In Training (LLS), Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon Organization, J&A Racing, Houston Marathon, Atlanta Track Club, Philadelphia Eagles, Mercedes Benz Corporate Run, and many more.

To learn more about haku, please visit www.hakusports.com