GU Energy Labs Partners with Press Forward for PR Initiatives

February 24, 2022

BERKELEY, Calif. /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – GU Energy Labs and Press Forward PR are thrilled to announce that they’re partnering to help bring the iconic sports nutrition brand’s mission and message to a wider range of athletes. Founded in 1993, GU Energy Labs produces energy gels, chews, drink mixes, waffles, and supplements intended to help athletes better fuel their endeavors.

“Feeding the need to move is the guiding principle at GU and we want to inspire as many people as we can into an active lifestyle,” said Christian Lepley, VP of Marketing at GU. “We look forward to working with Press Forward PR to bring our products to athletes of all kinds, foster an inclusive community, and protect the places we play.”

GU Energy Labs created the first energy gel as a convenient, easily-digestible fuel source for ultra-endurance runners in the early 1990s. Since then, their focus on scientific innovation has led to the introduction of several additional product lines, including the Roctane system, which provides amped up ingredients for tough training and racing.

Press Forward is looking forward to helping GU disseminate information about upcoming projects and programs in the coming months, including a March 1 Salted Lime Energy Gel flavor launch that will benefit the Western States Foundation. Telling GU Performance Lab scientific stories and spreading awareness of the brand’s sustainability efforts will also be key priorities.

“We’re thrilled to partner with GU Energy Labs,” said Katie Flagg, president of Press Forward PR. “True pioneers in the field of sports nutrition, GU Energy Labs continues to lead the pack when it comes to developing innovative and effective ways to help athletes feel and perform their best. We’re looking forward to amplifying the stories of continued innovation, community building, sustainability, and philanthropy coming from GU Energy Labs in the months ahead.”

For more information about GU Energy Labs please visit guenergy.com or contact Danny Kuzio at dk@pressforwardpr.com.

About GU Energy Labs

GU Energy Labs helps athletes of all abilities reach their best performance with products that deliver the right nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right time. Developed in collaboration with athletes, GU has a nutrition matrix of hydration, energy, and recovery products.  Headquartered in Berkeley, GU Energy Labs produces all its energy gels onsite with solar-generated power. Recommit to becoming your best athletic self, learn more about GU products, and discover how nutrition planning can help you get there at www.guenergy.com.

About Press Forward

Press Forward manages PR, marketing, content and ambassador programs for brands at the intersection of outdoor sport, sustainability, and lifestyle. For more information, visit www.pressforwardpr.com or contact inquiry@pressforwardpr.com.