Grassroots Organization delivers Meals to those in need on Onewheel

June 16, 2021

Meals on Onewheels uses community activism and Onewheels to feed over 1,600 unhoused neighbors in cities across California.

SANTA CRUZ- June 16, 2021– Meals On Onewheels, a grassroots organization of Onewheel enthusiasts, has served over 1,600 meals to unhoused neighbors in 7 communities across California and done so entirely on Onewheel. Led by community activists Mike Sierra and Evelyn Caday, Meals on Onewheels collaborates with local Onewheel communities each month to collect, prepare and distribute meals and essential care items to over 200 individuals in need.

“It all started with peanut butter sandwiches,” says Meals on Onewheels cofounder Mike Sierra. “The goal was to feed 100 people. My community needed help. I didn’t have the means to fix it myself, so I started sharing the stories online to engage other people’s resources.”

Mike met Evelyn, a videographer, at a Onewheel group ride. She loved the work he was doing and suggested delivering meals on Onewheels and tapping into local Onewheel communities.

“Onewheels cut down distribution time 10-fold,” says Sierra. “The growing network and the efficiency of transportation allowed us to get a full day’s work done in much less time. It opened a ton of doors.”

Meals on Onewheels has events planned each month throughout cities in California, including upcoming events in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Berkley. Sierra and Caday have plans to expand the program nationwide.

“Yes we’re giving food and resources to people, but the real blessing is the service,” says Sierra. “Going out and doing what we can with what we have for our neighbors. We’re serving hope, that’s the real mission here.”

Meals on Onewheels needs your help to grow, and Mike and Evelyn appreciate your support! Drop them a line, donate, or help spread the word using these online resources:

Visit the Meals on Onewheels website 

Follow them on social media @mealsononewheels

Donate to Meals on Wheels

Please note, Meals on Onewheels is not affiliated in any way with Meals on Wheels.

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