GoFundraise Announces New Partnership with IRONMAN UK

March 19, 2024

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – In an exciting milestone for both the world of endurance sports and charitable fundraising, GoFundraise announced its inaugural partnership with IRONMAN UK. For the first time, fundraising via the GoFundraise platform will be integrated into IRONMAN, marking a significant leap forward in connecting IRONMAN athletes with charitable causes.

GoFundraise, the global leader in online fundraising for charities, empowers individuals and organizations to change the world. This collaboration with IRONMAN UK introduces a new approach to charitable giving within endurance events. Special entries are available for athletes who agree to fundraise for charity. Charity places are even available for IRONMAN events that are sold out.

“We are incredibly excited to join forces with IRONMAN UK to bring a new dimension to the IRONMAN experience. This partnership not only enhances the impact athletes can make for charitable causes but also creates a powerful platform for charitable organizations to reach a broader audience,” says Stuart Finlayson, CEO of GoFundraise.

IRONMAN participants who choose to fundraise, can create a fundraising page upon signing up. As an added incentive, VIP fundraisers who reach a fundraising target chosen by their charity will receive free entry into their chosen IRONMAN race including sold out events such as IRONMAN Wales. This makes IRONMAN more accessible for a broader community of participants while raising essential funds for charity.

“We believe that every athlete has the power to create positive change. By integrating fundraising seamlessly into the IRONMAN experience, we are unlocking the potential for athletes to make a meaningful impact on causes they are passionate about,” says Louise Ravenscroft of IRONMAN.

Whether it’s supporting local community programs, environmental initiatives, medical research, or support for animals every step, swim stroke, and bike pedal can help a worthy cause.

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About GoFundraise:

GoFundraise is a global leading fundraising platform dedicated to making giving easier, lower cost, and more impactful. Since 2007, they have empowered individuals, events, and charities across the globe to raise funds for their chosen causes. Through innovative digital technology and a focus on user experience, GoFundraise facilitates seamless fundraising, donations, and support for causes close to their hearts.


As a globally recognized brand and the epitome of endurance sports, IRONMAN has been synonymous with challenging events that push athletes to their limits. With a mission to create life-changing race experiences for athletes of all levels, IRONMAN events inspire participants to achieve their goals while fostering a sense of community.

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