Gnarly Sports Nutrition Teams Up with Tactic Functional Nutrition to Empower People to Meet Their Wellness and Fitness Goals

February 20, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY (February 20, 2024) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Gnarly Sports Nutrition, creator of high-quality sports nutrition supplements and protein powders for all levels of performance, has announced its partnership with Tactic Functional Nutrition, which brings functional nutrition and lifestyle coaching to athletes and nonathletes across the globe. Tactic will exclusively offer Gnarly Protein, Collagen, Creatine, Preworkout and Hydration products to support its athletes’ and clients’ fitness and nutrition goals.

“Tactic and Gnarly are two proud, woman-led companies in the nutrition industry that are joining forces to provide the ultimate combination of exceptional products and coaching,” said Meredith Root, CEO of Tactic. “We share a common vision of empowering people to live healthier, more active lives no matter what stage they’re at in their fitness journey. This partnership will provide our clients with access to incredible Gnarly products that are backed by science, while we break down the complexity of nutrition and cut through the BS together.”

This partnership will enable the companies to further expand their product offerings to meet the evolving needs of their customers, optimize their performance, support their recovery, enhance their overall well-being and unleash the best version of themselves. In light of their aligned core values of focusing on proven principles, science, sustainability, and high-quality ingredients and service, Gnarly is a natural product fit for Tactic to work with so as to help people to break down the complexities of nutrition and build tools they can adopt in their everyday lives. Both companies prioritize transparency and no bullshit, ensuring that customers have access to detailed information about every product in their plan.

“Our passion lies in cultivating each athlete’s best from the inside out, educating individuals about the benefits of functional nutrition and supporting increased diversity in outdoor pursuits and spaces,” said Gnarly CEO and jiu jitsu badass Shannon O’Grady, PhD. “We know there are a ton of sports nutrition brands but we’ve found such an aligned partner in Tactic. We’re excited to work with a company that is focused on science-based and functional exercise to help with optimal performance and nutrition for all consumers, believes in moving from the inside out, values our knowledge, supports our passion and goals and isn’t selling gimmicky bullshit.”

About Gnarly Sports Nutrition

Gnarly exists to create the highest-quality sports nutrition products for all levels of performance, to help push through failure, amplify grit and celebrate messy triumphs. For the long training runs, summit days, new PRs and every day in between, Gnarly’s unequivocal commitment is to science-backed nutrition, delivered using transparent, natural, straightforward ingredient standards and rigorous product testing. With a pledge to educate others about the benefits of functional nutrition, devotion to sharing a love for the outdoors by increasing diversity in outdoor pursuits and strengthening environmental protections and sustainability efforts, Gnarly grows by pushing what’s possible. For more information, visit gognarly.com.

About Tactic Functional Nutrition

Tactic Nutrition offers Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Fitness Programming and Nutrition and Lifestyle Plans. They work with clients to break down the complexities of nutrition and build tools you can adopt into your everyday life. By gaining a deep understanding of how to nourish your unique body, you can feel confident in all the activities you love to do. Tactic works with you one on one to create a customized program that fits your lifestyle, goals, and history. They will also tailor a remote personalized fitness program for you based on your goals, equipment access, and lifestyle.