Glyco-Durance™ by F2C Nutrition Celebrates 6 Years

June 24, 2020

F2C Nutrition is pleased to announce that Glyco-Durance™ the premium fuel for endurance athletes is turning six. After two years of research working with leading scientists to create the optimum race fuel that is quickly absorbed, gentle on the GI system and contains all the necessary electrolytes, CEO and president of F2C Nutrition Greg Cowan launched Glyco-Durance™. Debuting during the summer of 2014, Glyco-Durance™ has been a game changer for endurance athletes around the globe.

Utilizing a highly branched cyclic dextrin carbohydrate sourced from potatoes and rice, a scientific blend of electrolytes and Sustamine™ a patented hydration and absorption booster, Glyco-Durance™ with its ultra-low osmolality has the fastest gut-emptying time on the market.  Although it quickly leaves the gut, the breakdown of the complex carbohydrate is slow and steady which means blood sugar remains constant and insulin spikes do not occur.

When asked for the inspiration behind Glyco-Durance™, CEO and President Greg Cowan said “working with our team of scientists we had a goal to create a clean, natural, effective race fuel product without using any simple sugars or corn-based products typically known to cause GI issues for athletes. Each ingredient in Glyco-Durance™ is designed to benefit the athlete, from the proprietary blend of electrolytes that triggers an alkaline pH conversion to the addition of Sustamine™ which is clinically shown to increase the rate of hydration.”

Continuing to innovate, Greg Cowan added Glyco-Durance RAW™ to the roster in 2019 which added an additional layer of nutritional personalization. Glyco-Durance RAW™ does not contain any electrolytes and is flavourless so athletes can adjust the number of carbohydrates needed, the flavour intensity most enjoyed and the quantity of electrolytes needed for training and racing in any environment using Electro-Durance™ the stand alone F2C electrolyte product.

Since its debut Glyco-Durance™ has been the on-course fuel at the 2016 and 2017 Canadian National Multisport Championships. It was also on-course at the 2017 and 2018 ITU Multisport Championships as well as on-course for a number of races including multiple years at Barrelman in Niagara Falls and IRONMAN 70.3 Calgary in 2019.

The fuel of choice by many athletes and professionals including current reigning ITU World Champion Katie Zaferes, Glyco-Durance continues to evolve with a new flavor – Lemon Lime launching soon and a new more environmentally friendly bag.

For more information and usage information about Glyco-Durance™ please visit www.f2cnutrition.com

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