Fuelin Welcomes World Champion Triathlete Jan Frodeno as Chief Performance Officer

April 17, 2024

San Francisco/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/Fuelin, the leading app for personalized performance nutrition, is thrilled to announce Olympic Gold Medalist and three-time IRONMAN® World Champion, Jan Frodeno, is joining the team in the role of Chief Performance Officer. Fuelin integrates with top training platforms such as TrainingPeaks, TriDot, and Final Surge to deliver adaptive nutrition guidance aligned with an athlete’s training program, goals, and personal biology.

Scott Tindal, Founder and Chief Nutrition Officer of Fuelin, expressed his excitement about Frodeno’s addition to the team, stating, “Working with Jan as a client last season was an enlightening experience. Despite his unparalleled success in triathlon, Jan approached our collaboration with humility and a thirst for knowledge. His practical mindset and willingness to explore new techniques made it clear that he would be an asset to Fuelin and our community of athletes.”

Frodeno, the greatest triathlete of all time and an icon of endurance sport, shared his enthusiasm for joining Fuelin, saying, “There has been a massive shift in nutrition philosophy over the years and whilst being aware of it, I never managed to convert to a more modern approach before meeting Scott and the Fuelin team.”

Frodeno became a paying client of Fuelin’s nutrition coaching program in 2023, seeking support during his comeback from a year-long injury hiatus. His return culminated in victory at the PTO US Open race in Milwaukee last August, thanks in part to the guidance from Tindal and Fuelin. “Going from being chronically injured to getting onto the top step of a podium was a big ask at the age of 41,” he explains. “Ultimately, I learned to support my body through nutrition to perform at its best, day in and day out.”

Impressed by Fuelin’s program and mission, Frodeno expressed his interest in contributing to the company post-retirement from professional sport. In his capacity as Chief Performance Officer, Frodeno will leverage his extensive experience to enhance Fuelin’s offerings, making them practical and accessible for athletes of all levels. Collaborating closely with Tindal, he will share the secrets that have fueled his success through a variety of engaging content focused on endurance sports and performance nutrition.

Frodeno is keen to share his knowledge with the endurance community, stating, “I just really like working with Scott and the Fuelin team,” he says. “We have fun talking about our passion for food, performance and how to piece together the puzzle for anyone who doesn’t want to make all the mistakes that I made over the years.”

Tindal emphasized the significance of Frodeno’s involvement in expanding Fuelin’s global footprint, noting, “Jan’s endorsement of Fuelin underscores our commitment to excellence in the endurance market. His experience, confidence, and innovative mindset will drive our mission to empower athletes worldwide to achieve their performance goals.”

With Frodeno now on board as Chief Performance Officer, Fuelin solidifies its position as the leader in nutrition solutions for endurance athletes. With his expertise and dedication, Fuelin continues to pave the way in optimizing performance and nutritional success for endurance athletes everywhere.

About Fuelin

Fuelin is the world’s premier training-based nutrition app, simplifying daily nutrition, fueling, and hydration for athletes. The Fuelin app seamlessly integrates with all major training platforms, including TrainingPeaks, TriDot, RunDot and Final Surge. Additionally, athletes can opt to input their training plan directly into the app. Utilizing a simple traffic light system Fuelin provides athletes customized insights into daily macronutrient requirements and meal recommendations with practical guidance on timing, quantity, and type of nutrition for enhanced performance and well-being. Trusted by professional triathletes such as Jan Frodeno, Holly Lawrence and Skye Moench and over a thousand monthly age-group triathletes. Visit Fuelin’s website to learn more and sign up for a personalized performance nutrition plan.