FuelFood.io Adds Grocery Delivery Offering to Meal Planning Software

October 27, 2022

Company aims to provide valuable tool for endurance athletes while unlocking new revenue stream

FuelFood.io announces they will be integrating MealMe’s technology to offer users the ability to order from grocery stores in almost every US city for pickup or delivery from within the Fuelfood.io app

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania –(October 27, 2022) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Ai-powered meal planning app, FuelFood.io announces it has signed a trailblazing agreement with MealMe, Inc. (“MealMe”) a leader in embedded commerce technology. With this new addition, FuelFood.io is poised to become the go-to app for meal planning and grocery shopping. Thanks to MealMe’s technology, users can now take advantage of easy and convenient online ordering without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

FuelFood.io is partnering with MealMe to allow users of FuelFood.io to purchase over 300,000,000 food, beverages, and grocery items from retailers in every city directly within the FuelFood.io application. When athletes make a purchase on the FuelFood.io application, they can either choose pickup or less than one-hour delivery. Integrating the MealMe API will allow FuelFood.io to significantly enhance its transactional revenue stream in addition to its athlete’s subscription revenue streams.

“FuelFood.io is quickly becoming the trusted nutrition planning tool for endurance athletes allowing them to match their nutrition with their training. The added ability for those users to purchase products within the FuelFood.io app not only significantly improves the user experience, but also will prove to be extremely lucrative for FuelFood.io” said Logan Kelly, Founder, FuelFood.io

MealMe’s coverage of grocery stores in every city across the United States and Canada empowers FuelFood.io to monetize through transactional revenue as FuelFood.io continues to expand its user base across endurance athletes and professional coaches.

“As an athlete myself in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, I have always wanted sport websites to embed commerce for specific products recommended to me. There are a myriad of products I need to buy for the sport at any given time, from various stores, and each store sells the items for different prices. As a result, I am incredibly excited for FuelFood to become the first sports website to embed our Product Ordering technology in order to help consumers save money on ordering supplements and groceries for the cheapest price from nearby stores. This partnership is a certain financial victory for MealMe, FuelFood, and consumers.” said Will Said, Co-Founder & CEO of MealMe

More news on the rollout of this integration is to come in future press releases.

About MealMe

MealMe, Inc. is a San Francisco based software company that enables businesses to monetize by selling products from local stores. MealMe’s technology embeds ordering of 300M+ products from 1M+ restaurants, grocery stores, and retail stores in the US and Canada.

About FuelFood.io

FuelFood.io is an AI-powered nutrition planning, shopping and delivery app for endurance athletes.

We work with athletes of all levels to create custom meal plans that are based on their training schedule and dietary restrictions. Our AI-backed recipe selection ensures that athletes always have access to healthy, delicious, and nutrient-rich meals no matter where they are or what time of day it is. Paired with our shipping and delivery service athletes can shop, compare products, and have groceries delivered from local sources.

FuelFood.io was founded by amateur cyclist and technologist Logan Kelly when he could not find an app that made it easy to match his nutrition to his training plan. Together with his coach and Chief Science Officer, Jim Peterman, PhD, Kelly spent more than 18 months fine-tuning what he believes will improve the health and performance of endurance athletes.