Foehn Transforms Performance Outerwear With New Fall/Winter Collection

September 20, 2022

House Of Innovative Outdoor and Athletic Apparel Takes on Cold With Breakthrough Tech and Contemporary, Minimalistic Design

Quebec City, Canada (September 20, 2022) – Foehn showcases the vision and bold innovation that sets apart every item in its new fall/winter outerwear collection with the Salem Dyneema® Down Parka. It features a rare application of literally indestructible Dyneema® fabric in a super-lightweight down parka that meets the Alpine Standard. This transformative extreme outerwear is a permanent investment in survival and comfort, where warmth is life.

With its debut of 20 new performance pieces (plus a popular re-release) the proudly Canadian company conquers cold. And tres cool aesthetics for men and women. As ever, each unmistakably Foehn fall/winter creation speaks in a sophisticated design voice and delivers on the company’s promise to design slowly, with greatest care and attention to detail, break out of narrow sports-use categories, and put top cutting-edge tech to work for performance. And, never forget, to stamp out mediocrity! All while meeting the most rigorous standards and certifications for environmental responsibility.

INVENTING A NEW CLASS OF ALPINE STANDARD FOREVERWEAR – Foehn’s flagship Salem Dyneema® Down Parka is warranted to last and perform for life, while meeting stringent Alpine Standard for mountain survival wear. Indestructible is a fact, not a claim, for the outer layer of Dyneema® fabric, originally developed for ocean racing boats’ sails. The wearer is wrapped in warmth by insulation of 800 fill power natural down, the world’s best lightweight fill for super-cold survival conditions. Though fully featured with pockets inside and out and concealed adjustments for warmth and fit, the overwhelming first impression of this oversize parka is its feather weight. In this application, Dyneema® fabric has a friendly, supple feel, and captivating texture. Minimalist silhouette shows Foehn style (MSRP $999.95 USD).

INTRODUCING WORLD’S BEST COLD WEATHER MULTI-AEROBIC PERFORMANCE WEAR – This started out as the designer’s self-challenge to create the world’s best winter running top and bottom, while utilizing a first-time application of stretch Japanese nylon over Polartec® Power Stretch Pro Fleece, second-to-none for athletics and warm-fuzzy comfort. Missions accomplished, in high tech and minimal high style in men’s and women’s Magna Polartec® Power Stretch Pro Fleece Hoody (MSRP $249.95 USD) and Pants (MSRP $199.95 USD). Breakthrough fabric tech puts both far ahead of the pack for runners. That means they win big, too, in Nordic skiing, climbing, pretty much anything strenuous.

BEST-SELLING BRISE MULTISPORT PANT EXPANDS LINE, REVOLUTIONALIZES TRAD SLACKS – Hip, of-the-moment, flattering redos of men’s chinos and cargo pants give new life – as for-real sports performance wear – to two all-time favorite styles. The secret’s all in durable 100 percent polyester stretch woven fabric sourced from Swiss techmeister Schoeller®, same as Foehn’s runaway top selling Brise Schoeller® Pant (MSRP $159.95 USD). Here it’s all about performance that doesn’t put on a show. Wearers can hike, boulder, climb in either slacks and look good before, during, and after. The same stretch that makes for unrestrained movement outdoors, snaps the fabric back into shape. Classic Brise Schoeller® Chinos (MSRP $139.95 USD) dress up and dress down equally well. Brise Schoeller® Cargo Pants (MSRP $169.95 USD) are copiously pocketed with sleek contemporary style.

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About Foehn:

The name, originating in the Alps, is a mountain airflow that brings sudden warming.  Foehn creates its own wind of change in performance sportswear, merging meticulous design and materials engineering with of-the-moment citified style. The proudly coast-to-coast Canadian brand (proudly Canadien, too, because it’s Quebecois), is independently owned and directed by co-founders Ingrid Sirois and Anthony Boronowski. In 2019, they synced up a shared vision and commitment to get smart about performance wear. Their relentless mission is to cure mediocrity and combat disposable, fast fashion with slow design, merciless attention to detail and quality. Enduring function and beauty serve another Foehn non-negotiable – sustainability and environmental commitment. Every piece is superb. And a keeper.