Fitness First launch new rewards platform in partnership with Endurance Zone

April 20, 2023

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Fitness First have announced the launch of a new rewards platform in partnership with Endurance Zone. This membership benefit will be rolled out for all UK Fitness First members and will provide savings on the best fitness products on the market.

The platform will enable members to save money on products that support their fitness journey and reflects Fitness First’s commitment to helping their members achieve their fitness goals. The new rewards platform is set to be a valuable addition for the Fitness First community.

“We are thrilled to partner with Endurance Zone to build a world-class rewards offering, tailored for our members. We know the best fitness products on the market can be expensive and we’re proud to add a membership benefit that can reduce these costs,” said Fitness First Managing Director, Lee Matthews”. We are excited to see the positive impact this will have for our members.”

Endurance Zone is a leading reward and engagement tool for gyms, governing bodies, and sports membership organisations, and already partner with British Cycling, Great Run Company and USA Cycling.

“We are excited to team up with Fitness First and offer their members industry leading rewards, “said Endurance Zone CEO, David Birch. “Maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle is immensely rewarding in itself but now Fitness First members will be rewarded with savings on fitness gear, tech, nutrition and more. We can’t wait to see Fitness First members benefiting from the rewards.”

The new rewards platform is available to all Fitness First members, and they can start taking advantage of the exclusive savings immediately. Members can access the rewards platform through the Fitness First App.

About Fitness First:

With 36 clubs across the UK, the Fitness First team are experts in everything health and wellbeing, supported by four key best in class brand pillars: Classes, Equipment, Personal Trainers and Customised Workouts. Fitness First is committed to a bright future of making our members stronger in life, one training session at a time.

About Endurance Zone:

Endurance Zone is the global platform for sports and fitness brands to reach, reward and retain active customers. Their unique platform powers companies with rewards that are highly relevant and desirable for their customers with active lifestyles. The platform seamlessly integrates into a company’s customer journey through their easy to implement white-label tech. To find out more about Endurance Zone visit www.endurancezone.com