Fitbit Has A Patent For Its Own Smart Ring

June 10, 2024

One of the emerging frontiers of health and fitness tech is the smart ring, though options on that front are limited. For now, the incumbent is Oura, with South Korean tech giant Samsung releasing its own soon. Though it looks like Fitbit may be another player in this segment, as a patent for the company’s own smart ring has been granted by the USPTO.

The patent, titled “Ring for optically measuring biometric data” starts off just as you’d expect from a smart ring. And as you’d expect, you get the readings off of it through a companion mobile app. But it’s in the ways you can put it on that we see Fitbit maybe making its own version of a smart ring stand out from the pack. One example sees the ring having a hinge on one end connecting two halves together, with a connector of sorts on the other end, with an elastic string to hold both halves together. Lowyat.net