Final Surge Launches Integrated Payment Solutions Feature for Coaches

August 17, 2023

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Final Surge has announced the platform’s new Coaching Business set of features which allows coaches to create monthly subscriptions and receive recurring payments from their athletes, as well as create one-time payments for fixed-length services. Final Surge has streamlined the onboarding process for athletes to get connected with their coaches while giving coaches a hub to manage the training and operations side of their business.

More information about the new Coaching Business features can be found here: https://www.finalsurge.com/coaching-business

The Final Surge Coaching Business suite of features includes:

Monthly Subscriptions – Allows coaches to create recurring monthly subscriptions for their services.  This feature is great for one-to-one coaching and allows coaches to manage billing and payments within the training platform.

Fixed-Length Program Payments – Programs are a one-time fee charged to an athlete for a fixed amount of time. This is great for group training put on by specialty running and triathlon stores, clubs, and coaches that offer customized training plans for a particular race in the future.

Onboarding Questionnaires & Intake Forms – Coaches can now build questionnaires and collect information from athletes as they sign up for coaching services.  Fully customizable forms for collecting information on training history, future goals, current PRs, and any additional data required when taking on new clients.

Waivers & Digital Signatures – Coaches can create and attach waivers and release of liability to subscriptions and programs requiring the athlete’s signature, which can be fully completed on the Final Surge platform before training begins.

“The new Coaching Business feature is one of the most requested features we’ve had over the years from our coaches,” said Final Surge Co-Founder, Tim Surface.  “It’s exciting to make this a reality for them. Final Surge is now an all-in-one solution for coaches – from training and communicating with athletes to managing their unique business needs.”

Many coaches have already begun utilizing the new features and are seeing an immediate impact.  Dylan Wykes, Co-Founder, and Coach at Mile2Marathon, said, “The Coaching Business feature of Final Surge has truly revolutionized our experience at Mile2Marathon. By seamlessly incorporating an athlete payment and account management platform into the existing coaching platform, Final Surge has streamlined our operations and will allow us to scale our business more effectively.”

About Final Surge

Final Surge is an online training platform for athletes, coaches, teams, and clubs. The Final Surge Web app, plus iOS and Android mobile apps, have all of the features needed to track and analyze your running, cycling, and triathlon training, including easy coach/athlete communication, planning future workouts, executing training plans, and monitoring your effort and performance while avoiding injury. Final Surge also imports workout and GPS data from all popular fitness devices. In addition, their Coaching Business suite of features integrates payment solutions, waivers, and intake forms to help streamline business processes.

For more information visit https://www.finalsurge.com/