FASTFOOD to Fuel Human Powered Health Cycling Team with On-and-Off-Bike Nutrition during 2023 Race Season

February 21, 2023

Elite roster of athletes are choosing high-performance sports nutrition products made from real food

BOSTON, Feb. 21, 2023 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – FASTFOODTM, a new groundbreaking line of high-performance nutrition products engineered to fuel elite and amateur athletes, today announced it has been selected as the official sports nutrition partner of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) professional men’s ProTeam and women’s WorldTeam Human Powered Health™.

The partnership will see FastfoodTM provide the teams with its new line of sports nutrition products including its proprietary Galacto-GelsTM, Galacto-GummiesTM, and Hydrator beverage mixes, all of which are made from real food ingredients. The brand’s assortment of sports fuels will be the centerpiece of Fastfood’s new on-and-off-the-bike nutrition plan, which will also include Fastood’s team of chefs and dietitians deploying to select stage races during the 2023 UCI World Tour Schedule, commencing with O Gran Camiño (February 23-26).

A specifically engineered diet aimed at providing each Human Powered Health rider with precise nutrition will fuel their performance and improve recovery. Fastfood is focused on delivering the assurance of quality & variety without risk of nutritional imbalance. The right nutrition will help the riders perform their best to tackle the roads and the competition ahead. Each rider’s specific nutrition & health profile was analyzed to inform recommended caloric intake in the tailored menu, with personalized components measured to the ounce. Fastfood’s menu goes beyond white rice and chicken, and includes components such as multigrain oatmeal, fresh local fish, fueling banana bread, & higher fiber selections at dinner to aid in overnight recovery. The Human Powered Health team first tried the Fastfood nutrition plan back in January during its two-week training camp in Algarve to jumpstart the season with precision nutrition.

“We are thrilled to introduce the world to Fastfood and could not have asked for a better partner than the Human Powered Health team,” said Adam Melonas, Founder and CEO of Fastfood and highly renowned food innovation lab, Chew. “We wanted to make sure that our athletes are consuming only the very best when it comes to fuel and nutrition, both on and off the bike. Stage races can take a toll on the body over the course of a long season, so we felt it was important to provide the athletes with the best resources possible. Through the expertise of our chefs, as well as our concise nutrition plan of the very best foods and race fuels, we have no doubt that Fastfood will give Human Powered Health an edge over their competition this year.”

The partnership announcement marks Fastfood’s first sports venture and comes just days after the product’s official February 14 launch in the United States, with shipping to customers commencing on Monday, March 6. As part of the partnership, Fastfood signage will be prominently featured on Human Powered Health’s official website, the team’s support vehicles and other team assets.

“We are thrilled to partner with Fastfood as we head into another exciting racing season,” said Ro de Jonckere, Team General Manager, Human Powered Health. “Nutrition is paramount for cyclists and what our athletes put into their bodies is as critical to our success as our long hours of training. Replenishing and re-fueling with Fastfood’s assortment of nutritional products before and during rides will go a long way in helping our athletes outperform the competition in what we anticipate is going to be another outstanding year for Human Powered Health.”

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About Human Powered Health

Since our founding in 2007, Human Powered Health athletes have raced to hundreds of wins and podium performances around the world. We are one of the longest-running cycling teams in American history. Alongside this pedigree of performance, we are a collective of athletes and organizations focused on helping people take control of their health journey. We believe that true health is self-made. By focusing our efforts around the Pillars of Performance – movement, fuel, mindset, and recovery – we ride closer to our ultimate podium, a better, healthier world. For more information, visit https://humanpoweredhealthcycling.com/

About Chew, the parent company of Fastfood.

Chew is an innovation team of world-class chefs and scientists on a mission to democratize good food & beverage. Chew boldly defines the new normal in the world of packaged goods by creating products that are delicious, nutritious, sustainable, profitable and scalable. Founded by culinary provocateur Adam Melonas in 2013, Chew works to liberate consumers and companies alike from industry norms. It empowers their clients with the tools and “anything is possible” state of mind that’s needed to truly revolutionize for the world’s rapidly evolving consumer and their needs. Chew’s client list is made up of the world’s largest and most influential food and beverage companies and progressive startups. Through these partnerships, Chew has created more than 4,000 products and co-authored over 40 patents. For more information visit: http://www.chewinnovation.com/

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