Fast Talk Laboratories Now Offers Coaching Guidance and Testing for Cyclists and Triathletes

April 7, 2021

Virtual Performance Center Expands to Offer INSCYD Testing, Cycling and Triathlon Coaching Guidance, Sports Nutrition, and Custom Solutions and Services

April 7, 2021 – Boulder, Colorado, USA –Fast Talk Laboratories, the new sport science community and virtual performance center, is now offering testing and coaching services for cyclists and triathletes. Fast Talk Laboratories offers cyclists and triathletes innovative, science-based ways to achieve any goal and solve any problem through two full-time exercise physiologists and coaches, a lab-grade metabolic cart and lactate testing equipment, a partnership with INSCYD, a network of world-class experts, and over 30 years of national-level coaching experience. Learn more at fasttalklabs.com/solutions.

Launched in November 2020, Fast Talk Laboratories takes high-level sport science and makes it accessible to endurance enthusiasts through online content and live events. This new expansion into personalized services means that members and the public can get the same cutting-edge physiological testing and seasoned coaching guidance that is available to professional athletes at national performance centers—plus pioneering sport science educational content from world-leading experts.

“Endurance sports have long been a vibrant, thriving community of separate and distinct bodies of knowledge,” said Fast Talk Laboratories CEO Trevor Connor. “We are creating a community of experts to help our members get faster and get more enjoyment from their sports.”

Fast Talk Laboratories offers these new Solutions and Services:

  • Complimentary Solutions Consult: Meet for a free, 15-minute consultation with our Head Coach and Exercise Physiologist Ryan Kohler to design a plan to meet your goals or identify solutions to any endurance challenge.
  • Coaching Help Sessions: Meet with our coaches to get answers to your personal coaching questions, help you prepare for your events, and stay on course.
  • INSCYD Testing: Athletes can get lab-grade physiological testing results anywhere in the world, without visiting a lab. Results include fascinating details on current fitness, your physiological profile, and how to maximize training.
  • Sports Nutrition Services: Get a nutrition baseline assessment, race-day nutrition plan, or concise guidance on any sports nutrition topic from our sports nutritionists.
  • Skills Coaching and Clinics: Meet with our coaches for individual or group skills coaching and skills clinics for road cycling, mountain biking, time trialing, cyclocross, and more.
  • Private, Guided Workouts: Meet with our coaches in person or virtually for guided workouts to meet any training goal.
  • In-Person Physiological Testing: Come to our Boulder, Colorado lab for VO2max or lactate testing.

About Fast Talk and Fast Talk Laboratories

Fast Talk Laboratories is a new sport science community and virtual performance center from the creators of the Fast Talk podcast, Chris Case and Trevor Connor. Our Lab has sprung from the dynamic community of listeners and guests of the Fast Talk podcast, originally hosted by VeloNews. We tap the most engaging experts in sports, sport science, and related fields to share their knowledge and experience with our listeners and members through new media formats, live events, and coaching guidance. Fast Talk Laboratories is based in Boulder, Colorado. Learn more and join for free at www.fasttalklabs.com.

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