FasCat Unveils New Website

September 10, 2021

Introduces Affiliate Sales Program

BOULDER, CO — FasCat Coaching, known for their science-based approach to coaching and digital training plans, launched a new website this summer. The re-designed platform enhances  the athlete experience, and leverages eCommerce technology to help athletes find the right  plan for their goals, and checkout easier.

In addition to the new website functionality, FasCat announced its new Brand Ambassador and Affiliate Programs which lets IBD’s, their employees and industry partners resell FasCat Training Plans and make a 25-30% commission on each sale. Now, bike shops, and industry websites, email services, athletes, youTube channels and podcasts can offer best-in-class training plans to their customers that start at just $49.00.  In an era of long lead times and OOS merchandise, the FasCat Training Plans are a great way to generate income while providing a valuable service to their customers.

FasCat has been helping cyclists ride faster since 2003, and has been at the forefront of power based training, including sweet spot training which founder, Frank Overton, coined to describe the more efficient training technique for amateur athletes.

“Our training tip content and plans specialized in amateur racing goals building on 20 years of coaching experience ”, shares Overton.  “When we know riders’ goals, we can deliver the right training plan for the right time of year. A visit to our website to choose the right coach, or digital training plan is the first step to improving.”

FasCat Coaching sells Training Plans to athletes in over 70 countries – essentially everywhere people ride bikes – as well as their ‘Winning in the Kitchen’ meal plans that include grocery lists,  meal prep instructions and nine delicious recipes that take 10 minutes or less to cook.

About FasCat Coaching:

FasCat’s Mission is to share our expertise to help athletes ride faster. .We love cycling and love helping cyclists improve their performance on the bike. We are extremely grateful to combine both of these passions into one. For more information on FasCat Coaching, please visit FasCatCoaching.com.

FasCat Coaching is a Public Benefit Company that has pledged 1% of profit to support athlete development, especially for NICA and Collegiate Cyclists.


Affiliate / Media Contact: Michael Dee / miked@fascatcoaching.com

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