Fanomena Events reacts to COVID-19

March 18, 2020

Open plans, new features

For years the digital goodie bag solution Fanomena Events has been used at numerous events worldwide to share personalized content and engaging offers from sponsors, exhibitors & vendors. Times like these, where the COVID-19 virus forces thousands of events to be postponed or even cancelled require special actions.

When live events can’t take place, event tech like ours is required more than ever. We want to support event organizers in this tough time as much as we can and took first steps already”, said Lennart Hohneck, Business Unit Lead at Fanomena Events.

To tackle the issues and to support event organizers, the event tech start-up is taking the following steps:

  • The opening time of their Event kits is removed – event organizers, exhibitors and sponsors can use the solution with no time limits to engage with their target group regardless of a postponement or cancellation of the event.
  • The amount of send outs is increased –event organizers are no longer bound to the send out limits of their plans to ensure frequent communication about the event.
  • A new feature to connect is introduced – the widget will help event organizers to stay in touch with their target audience even if events are not taking place and give their exhibitors and sponsors the exposure, they deserve.

Explore how it works by visiting their info page and reach out to events@fanomena.io to learn more about the new options.

About Fanomena Events:

Founded in 2015, Fanomena Events technology enables event organizers to enhance digital communication and sponsorship opportunities with incredible feature possibilities. The tailor-made event technology always delivers amazing performances by providing real time ROI analysis and evaluation. Fanomena Events is used by leading event organizers such as the BMW Berlin Marathon, Honolulu Marathon, Swiss City Marathon, Wings for Life World Run and many more. For more information, visit https://fanomena.io/en/events/.