Enhanced control over staff access

April 7, 2021

Drive success together: The power of Race Roster’s staff access settings

London, ON (Wed, April 07, 2021) – Race Roster’s staff access settings gives organizers the power to customize access settings for each member of their team, providing individualized access to exactly what each team member needs – no more, no less.

“The Race Roster platform allows seamless collaboration for event organizers, fundraisers, timers, sponsors, and vendors – all working together on a single cohesive platform” says Bob Pluss, CAO at Race Roster. “When working with multiple partners, it’s important to have a platform that gives you flexible control over your access requirements.”

Here are just a few examples of different types of access you could grant:

  • Marketing – allow access to your analytics data to track progress and analyze trends
  • Event Team – allow team members to make changes to participants, bibs, volunteers, equipment logs, forms and more
  • Designer – allow access to work on graphics for your event, fundraising, or results pages

There are over 200 access settings to choose from, giving you full control over what information collaborators can see and which edits they can make.

Want to learn more?

Take a look at what’s new and learn more about Race Roster’s staff access settings: https://raceroster.com/articles/staff-access-settings

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