ElliptiGO Announces Crowdfunding Campaign

February 18, 2020

Solana Beach, CA – Feb 18, 2020 – ElliptiGO, the leader in elliptical and stand-up bicycles, announced that it has launched a private placement offering in accordance with Regulation Crowdfunding. The purpose of the fundraise is to provide ElliptiGO with the capital to invest in marketing its full line-up of elliptical and stand-up bicycles as well as support the introduction of the ElliptiGO Fluid 365, the company’s first stationary trainer solution.

“We are excited to announce this fundraise that comes at a great time for our Company. We have seven bike models that range in price from $799 to $3699 now and deliver a wide range of riding experiences. With the launch of the Fluid 365 Stationary Trainer, we now have a solution for all of our models that let’s our customers use them year-round. Sometimes, the weather doesn’t cooperate and the best option is to get your workout done indoors. Now every ElliptiGO customer will have that option,” said Bryan Pate, ElliptiGOs CEO. “One of the best parts of this experience has been getting to know our customers. This fundraise gives them a chance to become an even bigger part of the ElliptiGO story.”

More information about the fundraise can be found at: https://www.startengine.com/elliptigo-2

About ElliptiGO

ElliptiGO Inc. is the pioneer and world leader in stand-up cycling. ElliptiGO launched the first elliptical bicycle in 2010, the first stand-up bike in 2018, and most recently, the ElliptiGO Fluid 365, the company’s first stationary trainer solution. Headquartered in Solana Beach, Calif., the organization strives to embody five key values: caring, inspiration, innovation, fun, and integrity. All ElliptiGO bikes deliver an enjoyable, comfortable and effective workout experience that inspires people to improve their lives and enjoy the outdoors. ElliptiGO bikes are distributed through specialty running, cycling and fitness retailers nationwide, at the ElliptiGO headquarters and online. For more information, visit www.elliptigo.com.