DMSE Sports Reveals Rebrand, New Logo

February 4, 2020

Dave McGillivray Sports Enterprises re-launches as DMSE Sports

Dave McGillivray Sports Enterprises re-launches as DMSE Sports

Boston (February 4, 2020) – Massachusetts-based event management company, Dave McGillivray Sports Enterprises, today revealed a new name and new logo that better represents its standing in the endurance event management industry and more closely aligns its image, mission, and direction.

Although most of its peers will recognize the organization by its acronym, the company has officially made the switch to the name DMSE Sports. A longtime leader in operations and logistics for road races and charity walks, DMSE Sports collaborates with organizations such as lululemon, the Falmouth Road Race, and the Jimmy Fund to help plan and execute the operations and logistics of their events.

“DMSE Sports occupies a unique space in the running industry,” said DMSE Sports Founder and President Dave McGillivray. “Over nearly 40 years, we’ve become more than just one guy. We’re a team, and we wanted to officially reflect that in our name.”

He continued, “DMSE Sports will be around long after I hang up my headset and radio. I may have founded the company, but it’s the rest of the group that will continue working to maintain its standing as the best in the business.”

The company’s redesigned wordmark and accompanying icon are a better representation of who DMSE Sports is and its direction for the future, said Senior Vice President of Operations Matthew West. “Our icon derives its appearance from a flag, the finish line of a race, and the wings of Nike [the goddess of strength, speed, and victory]. We think it allows us to express who we are: confident, efficient, positive, fun, and modern. We believe this is who we are and want to ensure our clients and partners see the same thing.”

DMSE Sports’ colors are similar to its previous palette but are now a richer pink-red and darker cyan-blue. Together with the sans serif typography and the icon, the overall image is strong and dynamic, but approachable. For help on the visual aspect of this rebrand, DMSE Sports partnered with Red Rhino, an Ontario, Canada-based digital marketing agency.

About DMSE Sports

Founded by Dave McGillivray in 1981, DMSE Sports is a leader in sports event management, specializing in creating and producing mass participatory athletic events throughout the U.S. and abroad. DMSE works with the B.A.A. operations team in overseeing all the logistics and technical operations of the B.A.A. Boston Marathon and manages the TD Beach to Beacon in Maine, the New Balance Falmouth Road Race on Cape Cod, the Harvard Pilgrim Finish at the 50 at Patriot Place, and the Bellin Run in Green Bay, Wisconsin, among others. For additional information about DMSE Sports, visit www.dmsesports.com or find DMSE on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.