Diva Dash relaunches with a Women’s Fitness Adventure that motivates and reconnects women all over the country with hybrid-style event.

February 17, 2021

The original woman’s obstacle race, the Shape Diva Dash, will pivot into a new format that uses a custom app to offer an adventure combining teamwork, fitness, and laughs.

Boulder, CO (February 17, 2021) – Well-known for its creative and colorful obstacles, the Shape Diva Dash offered a fun challenge to women of all fitness levels. The pandemic put a halt on these types of events, which connected communities, friends, and motivated women. “We heard from many women who wanted us to bring back the Diva Dash in a way that would allow friends to come together and have a fun fitness adventure…even during the pandemic,” explained Josh Kravetz, Diva Dash’s creator and President of Adventure Fit events. “The Diva Dash has always been about creating a fun and empowering event and we are very excited to roll out our new format which allow women to enjoy an adventure with their friends – no matter where they live all in a Covid-safe format.” Just like the original Shape Diva Dash, the new Diva Dash Women’s Adventure will inspire women to improve their fitness and give them an experience to look forward to.

The Diva Dash Women’s Adventure will take place on April 10th and 11th, utilizing an app that will send participants challenges that combine agility, running, strength, balance, and strategy. Instead of taking place in one location, the unique format will allow Divas to take on the challenge no matter where they live. Furthermore, women can form teams to complete the challenges together even though they may not be in the same place.

There will be 20+ tasks to complete, some requiring everybody to participate, while others can be divided amongst the team. To prove that the challenges are completed, participants will submit photos, videos, and answers using the app. Local parks, schools, and open spaces will serve as the venue for Divas all over the country.

If all of the challenges are completed within the weekend, participants will be eligible to win prizes from sponsors including trips, gift cards, apparel, and more. Upon signing up, Divas are shipped a great swag package including a technical trucker cap, neck gaiter, custom bib number, and a variety of sponsor products and samples. Participants will also be provided a 6-week training plan that uses body weight exercises to develop all of the skills needed to complete the Diva Dash Women’s Adventure. In addition, the 30,000+ Diva Dash Facebook followers will use the social media platform to share stories, motivate each other, and show training progress leading up to the event.

Registration is now open at www.DivaDash.com and spots are expected to fill quickly.

About Adventure Fit: Adventure Fit is an Experiential Event Marketing and Production company that specializes in Active Entertainment productions. Our deep understanding of the active marketplace allows us to develop creative events and results-driven solution for our clients. Adventure Fit has produced some of the countries most popular events, such as the Old Man Winter Bike Rally & Run, New Belgium Urban Assault Ride, Burning Can Fest at the Lyons Outdoor Games, and the Shape Diva Dash.