deboer wetsuits is proud to have Palani Distribution as a retail partner in France

February 5, 2020

Stamford, CT, Release: February 5, 2020. deboer wetsuits is proud to have Palani Distribution as a retail partner in France. France is an important market for deboer wetsuits, and we are very excited to work with Palani Distribution in retail and growing the brand.

Arnaud Selukov, Owner of Palani Distribution

“It is very exciting to partner with such an innovative brand as deboer.  I have worn a lot of wetsuits over the years and I have never experienced anything like the deboer wetsuit – there is no restriction, it’s unbeatable.”

Alex de Boer, co-founder of deboer wetsuits:

“We are very excited to have Palani Distribution as a retail partner.  If you’ve been in the business of triathlon, Arnaud Selukov is one of those names you know.  He does it all as a businessman, a coach, and an athlete.  The experience he, and Palani Distribution, can bring to the table will not only help deboer grow in France, but provide a fantastic experience for the athletes they serve.”

Palani Distribution distributes and promotes high quality triathlon products including wetsuit and bike products, as well a provide coaching, sweat testing and nutrition planning. Palani Distribution will be at the Tri Games Series May 3 & 24, and September 20.

You can find more information about deboer on our website, www.deboerwetsuits.com.  You can find deboer wetsuits on Instagram www.instagram.com/deboerwetsuits/, and on Facebook www.facebook.com/deboerwetsuits/.

Contact Info:

Name: Daniel Clarke
Organization: deboer wetsuits
Email: daniel.clarke@deboerwetsuits.com

Organization: Palani Distribution
Email: arnaud.selukov69@gmail.com
Phone: +33(0)771106974