deboer wetsuits adds TriBike Transport Europe as retail partner

January 28, 2020

deboer is very proud to add another retail partner known for exceptional service

deboer is very proud to add another retail partner known for exceptional service

Stamford, CT, Release: January 28, 2020.

deboer wetsuits is proud to have TriBike Transport Europe as a retail partner in Ireland.  TriBike Transport Europe has a proven track record of providing outstanding customer service to athletes. deboerwetsuits is delighted to have TriBike Transport Europe provide this same exceptional experience to athletes interested in wetsuits.

Conor Raleigh, Business Development Manager of TriBike Transport Europe: “We are excited to retail deboer wetsuits as they have quite simply revolutionized this market with their innovation in wetsuit technology. We have trialed and tested numerous wetsuits in the past and nothing comes close to the quality, comfort and performance that you get from a deboer wetsuit.”

Alex de Boer, co-founder of deboer wetsuits: “We are thrilled to have TriBike Transport Europe as a retail partner. TriBike Transport Europe is one of those brands synonymous with great service.  If you want a hassle-free method to get your bike to and from a race, they are the people you call.  We are excited to have them on board to provide this same level of service to athletes who are interested in deboer- whether it’s figuring out their size, demoing a wetsuit, or making a purchase.”

TriBike Transport Europe has an official partnership with IRONMAN in Europe, and is connected to numerous European races. They also have a strong presence in the domestic Irish and UK race scene. TriBike Transport Europe offers deboerwetsuit demos by appointment if you contact them directly.  Additionally, they will be scheduling an upcoming demo day with a triathlon store in Dublin.

You can find more information about deboeron our website, www.deboerwetsuits.com. You can find deboer wetsuits on Instagram www.instagram.com/deboerwetsuits/, and on Facebook www.facebook.com/deboerwetsuits/.

You can find more information about TriBike Transport Europe at their website, www.tribiketransport.ie.  You can find them on Instagram, www.instagram.com/tribiketransport_europe/, and on Facebook, www.facebook.com/TriBikeTransportEurope/.

Contact Info:

Name: Daniel Clarke
Organization: deboer wetsuits
Email: daniel.clarke@deboerwetsuits.com

Organization: TriBike Transport Europe
Address: Druming, Ardagh, Longford, Ireland
Email: david@tribiketransport.ie
Phone: +353 83 306 8781