Crafted Energy Expands Distribution Network Through Partnership With Downeast Bicycle Specialists

September 15, 2020

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Crafted Energy, a premiere functional energy bar brand based out of Phoenix, Arizona, has announced a partnership with Downeast Bicycle Specialists, a leading bike parts and accessories distributor and a subsidiary of the Hans Johnsen Company, increasing distribution channels to more easily reach consumers in the cycling and ancillary communities. This partnership gives dealers across the Northeast and US increased access to sport-specific functional energy.

“One thing we consistently hear from our retail partners is how their customers are looking for cleaner sources of performance nutrition,” explains Ryan Naboshek, co-founder of Crafted Energy. “These athletes are seeking clean, real-food, and purposeful alternatives to fuel their performance, rather than the processed sugars traditionally found in today’s gels, chews, and drinks. Ever since our early discussions with Downeast, we felt that their team both understood the value proposition of functional cycling nutrition and shared a common belief in its potential within the athletic community. We’re thrilled to partner with Downeast as we collaboratively bring functional energy to those athletes in the northeast and across the US.”

Along with this partnership, Crafted Energy has announced an increased commitment to making their sport-specific nutrition more accessible to athletes nationwide. Crafted Energy currently produces unique energy bars specially engineered to three core activities; cycling, running, and rock climbing.  So, what makes their bars sport-specific? During the product development stage, the Crafted Energy team first pinpoints the unique energy and recovery needs of a sport. Then, they look for plant-based and clean label ingredients to meet the nutritional profile and holistic benefits that were identified in the first step of the process. Lastly, they tailor the texture and consistency of each bar to meet the digestive needs of that athletic pursuit to ensure optimal performance and recovery. The result is a nutrient-dense, sport-specific, plant-based, clean-label, and easy-to-digest functional energy bar. This unique development approach of curating and leveraging the holistic benefits of ingredients as a means of sport-tailored energy and recovery is the core concept behind functional energy. Rigorous athlete testing and an ethic that leaves no room for sacrifice in product development, quality ingredients, and formulation have made Crafted Energy a trusted source of performance nutrition by athletes nationwide.

The partnership between Downeast Bicycle Specialists and Crafted Energy is a big step forward in bringing functional energy to athletes seeking to improve their performance through proper, clean, and curated nutrition.

About Crafted Energy – Crafted Energy came to fruition initially through separate, but simultaneous ‘aha’ moments between long-time friends Darshan Shah, MD & Zach Olschwanger and childhood friends, Ryan Naboshek & Zach Olschwanger in 2014. Leveraging Darshan Shah’s extensive background in Integrative and Holistic Medicine and Zach’s passion for clean sports nutrition, Crafted Energy began discussing ways in which they could address the functional nutrition and sport-specific gap in the otherwise crowded energy bar market. Crafted Energy wants to challenge the ‘one-size-fits-all’ energy bar and has developed products that are unique to specific activities because they understand that all activities require something different from the body. This represents the underlying theme that Crafted Energy continues to operate with today.

About Downeast Bicycle Specialists – Downeast Bicycle Specialists is a full service bicycle parts and accessories distributor servicing independent bicycle dealers throughout the United States. Our annual catalog features thousands of items from over 100 manufacturers around the world. We offer same day shipping, competitive pricing, free freight, group and kit programs, and online ordering. We can ship with 1 to 3 day delivery anywhere in the continental United States and we have one of the highest fill rates in the industry. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are all cycling enthusiasts. Most have extensive shop experience and can answer just about any technical question thrown at them. We support the bicycle industry and the sport we love through national and local advocacy.

For more information about Crafted Energy, please contact:

Liz Pecknold, Media Relations for Crafted Energy

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Ryan Naboshek, co-owner of Crafted Energy

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