Course Records Smashed at Epic Jackpot Ultra Running Festival

April 29, 2021

Zach Bitter and Stefanie Flippin Win 2021 USA Track & Field 100-Mile Road National Championship

HENDERSON, NEVADA – April 29, 2021 – Beyond Limits Running, the founder, owner and producer of the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival, Southern Nevada’s premier ultra-running endurance event, is proud to announce results for the 8th annual Festival which took place April 23-26, 2021 at Cornerstone Park.  Despite windy conditions with temperatures approaching 90, the extremely deep field of talented runners did not disappoint, especially in the Festival’s marquee USA Track & Field 100-Mile Road National Championship race.

In one of the most dramatic 100-mile women’s finishes in recent history, Stefanie Flippin, a relative newcomer to the elite 100-mile circuit, turned in a performance for the ages as she topped the women’s field with a course record time of 14:35. Camille Herron, the current women’s 100-mile world record holder, reminded the world of her unbelievable toughness by overcoming mid-race heat issues as she ferociously closed at the end to finish in second place, just seven minutes behind Stefanie with a time of 14:42. Jackpot newcomer and Alabama resident, Micah Morgan, ran strong from the start, finishing just two minutes behind Camille with her third place time of 14:44.

In the men’s division, several men were tightly bunched together during the first half of the race before Zach Bitter started to pull away mid-afternoon and win with a course record time of 12:52. Jacob Jackson, who ran steady wire-to-wire, claimed second with a time of 14:12. Patrick Reagan, who started the race strong before having to overcome mid-race challenges, recovered remarkably well and charged very hard during the last third of the race to capture third place with a time of 14:51. Ken Rubeli, co-founder/co-owner of Beyond Limits Running stated, “With this year’s Jackpot being delayed two months due to local Covid-19 rules, we were pleasantly surprised to see such a deep field of elites join the race, despite the forecasted hot weather. This year’s stellar podium results prove once again that ultra-runners are some of the toughest athletes in the world and should be recognized as such. To this end, we are pleased to announce next year’s prize pool, which is currently funded entirely by Beyond Limits Running, will be increased from $10,000 to $12,500.”

With 7 ultra-races occurring throughout the multi-day Jackpot Ultra Running Festival, there were several other notable performances. In the inaugural 72-hour fixed time race, Scott Thompson and Jennifer Gatti won the men’s and women’s division with distances of 207.5 miles and 165 miles, respectively. Sergio Vidal and Rachel Entrekin won the 48-hour fixed time men’s and women’s race with distances of 176 miles and 155 miles, respectively. Local blind runner Terri Rupp, who completed her first ultra-distance at last year’s Jackpot by running 50K, earned her first 100-mile buckle by running 115 miles. Proving it’s still possible to push Beyond Limits at any age, 81 year-old ultra-running legend Bill Dickey added another 100-mile finish to his storied portfolio of ultra-running accomplishments. Stephanie Rubeli, co-founder/co-owner of Beyond Limits Running commented, “Jackpot is an ideal setting for runners to really push Beyond Limits.  While it was certainly motivating and fun to watch the elites perform so well, it was equally rewarding to watch runners like Bill and Terri accomplish greatness right alongside the likes of Zach & Camille. We can’t wait to see how well runners will push Beyond Limits next year when Jackpot moves back to its normal mid-February weekend when temperatures are ideal for setting records and personal PR’s.”

The 9th Annual Jackpot Ultra Running Festival will be held February 11-14, 2022 at Cornerstone Park, a picturesque bird sanctuary lake park owned by the City of Henderson, Jackpot’s 2022 Co-Presenting Sponsor.  Registration will open May 3, 2021.

About Beyond Limits Running:

Co-founded 9 years ago by a double organ transplant recipient and her husband, Beyond Limits Running was formed to help all runners, especially average runners, run way past their perceived limits by competing in ultra-distance running events. Known for its over-the-top festive events, Beyond Limits Running produces the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival, the Beyond Limits Ultra Race, and the Happy Hippie Harvest Run.  Learn more at www.BeyondLimitsRunning.com.

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