Climategames launches to empower brands and millions of people to fight climate change through sport

June 23, 2022

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Forward-thinking Climategames has launched its long-awaited full App and Web platform this June, which directly links physical activity with climate change. The London-based tech start-up has already allowed thousands of people to make a climate impact and build a thriving eco-system of business, brands, clubs, and event organisers. This is done through well-vetted climate offsets such as Ecologi, where activity can be converted to planting trees and C02 emissions removal. Climategames encouraging decarbonizing behaviours, wellness, play and partner with sustainable brands.

Climate change is the biggest issue humanity has ever faced and we are the last generation able to fix it. Climategames allows its community of partners and individual people to reduce their environmental footprint just by being active. Current impacts include neutralising your C02 emissions, planting trees and removing waste from our planet’s waters. This means by simply running, cycling, swimming or walking, you grow your impact via the App. Most importantly Climategames enables businesses to offset their ESG rating by creating engaging, affordable wellness programs all dedicated to climate incentives.

Climategames founder, Martin Lacey, said, “The impacts of climate change are obvious and we all have to take action now. There is no silver bullet, but through lifestyle changes and well vetted offsetting we can restore the planet. We have built an engaging, rewarding and motivating way to do this. So far, we have helped thousands of people, businesses, sports clubs and governing bodies help tackle climate change.

Kate Strong VP Growth said, “This is a game-changer for anyone who cares about their personal health and the environment. Literally, every step I take, I know it’s a step towards helping mitigate climate change and this is not only hugely motivating to keep me training, but it also helps me feel good and help my mental health too.”

Linda Adams, Head of Partnerships, Ecologi said, “What Climategames is doing in the fight against climate change is doubly effective. Not only can users offset carbon emissions and plant trees through the Ecologi platform, they also minimise their carbon footprints through the incentivisation to walk, run and cycle rather than drive. This mission to minimise carbon emissions first and offset second makes us natural bedfellows and we are delighted to be working with them. As a young company founded just last year, we’re really excited to see what they achieve and grow with them.”

The App integrates with all major wearables and tracking devices, such as Apple Health, Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo and Fitbit with more tech partnerships to be announced later this year. Climategames fills the gap for millions worldwide, who are looking for a way to fight climate change that is fun, rewarding, repeatable, engaging whilst enjoying an active lifestyle.

About Climategames 

Climategames was founded in 2021 to fill the gap for millions worldwide, who enjoy an active lifestyle and are looking for a way to fight climate change that is fun, rewarding, repeatable and engaging. So far, we have inspired thousands of people to take climate action in over 110 countries. Your workouts fund amazing causes including planting trees, extracting C02, removing plastic from our oceans and providing critical support to humanitarian projects – all whilst getting rewards!

About Ecologi

Ecologi is a platform for real climate action and in 2021, the company was established as a certified B Corporation. It facilitates the funding of carbon reduction projects and tree planting around the world. Ecologi provides a simple but powerful subscription service to reverse climate change. To date, the company has planted over 42 million trees on the behalf of its subscribers and funded climate solution projects that have reduced over 1.8 million tonnes of CO2. Their mission is to reduce 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040 and responsibly plant billions of trees every year.

To do this, Ecologi calls on individuals & businesses to take personal responsibility and help tackle the biggest threat of our generation. Collectively, with a little input from a lot of people, we have the power to secure our future.