City of Coronado celebrates 130-year anniversary with Easy Day Sports

January 27, 2021

Nearly 3,000 residents of all ages and abilities surfed, biked and ran away from 2020 in Virtual Community Challenge

Coronado, CA — January, 27, 2021 – Walk, bike, surf, or run. If you noticed more of your neighbors outside exercising last year, it wasn’t because the gyms were closed. Almost 3,000 people committed to covering 130 miles to celebrate the City of Coronado’s 130th birthday in 2020.

The citywide “Coronado 130 Virtual Challenge: Actively Celebrating 130 Years of  Community”   showcased civic pride in the community and empowered residents to prioritize their health and wellness during the ongoing pandemic. People of all ages, abilities and fitness levels walked, surfed, jogged and paddle boarded into shape in their own routes at stunning locations around the city.

“In reflecting last year on the City’s upcoming 130th anniversary amid a pandemic, we felt it was important to celebrate this milestone event in our history. Since we were unable to host any in-person celebrations, we decided to have a low-key celebration of our 130th with a virtual activity challenge, inspiring residents to safely log 130 miles over the course of five months, said Coronado City Manager Blair King. “It was a fun and fitting way to honor our incorporation on Dec. 11, 1890. We feel the Coronado 130 Virtual Challenge successfully kept Coronado’s anniversary at the forefront while inspiring people to stay healthy and fit while following public health orders.”

City leaders partnered with local event organizer Easy Day Sports to enable the community to come together and complete 130 miles of any physical activity in a safe, socially distance way to comply with all Covid-19 public health restrictions.

“Thanks to everyone who supported the Coronado 130 Virtual Challenge, there’s no better way to celebrate a milestone anniversary than by getting outside and enjoying all that Coronado has to offer,” said Jamie Monroe, CEO of Easy Day Sports and former U.S. Navy SEAL. “During the pandemic, our community’s collective health and wellness has taken on an even greater importance and the virtual challenge was a fun and successful way to commemorate the historical milestone.”

83-year-old Carol Sommer lead the way, representing the Coronado Rotary Club. Sommer incredibly logged over 4,800 miles on her bike, walking her neighborhood and playing golf.

The virtual challenge attracted nearly 2,000 participants, tallying hundreds of thousands of miles in activity. 88 residents logged over 1,000 miles of activity during the challenge which kicked off in July and concluded in December. The oldest participant was Roy Mantz, 92, who logged over 270 miles on his bike.

For complete results, photos and more, visit the event web page.

Courtesy Photos from Kitt WIlliams