Cirrus Cycles’ Kinekt Partners with Dutch Cargo

March 3, 2022

Kinekt products now sold in 20 countries.

BELLINGHAM, Wash. March 3rd, 2022 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Cirrus Cycles, the maker of the KINEKT suspension post and KINEKT suspension stem, proudly announces the addition of Dutch Cargo, the well-known Australian and New Zealand distributor, thereby increasing product available to customers worldwide.

“Though we’re a small company based in Bellingham, Washington, the international interest in our proven products continues to grow. It’s important for us to align ourselves with partners who share our values as a brand. We’re thrilled to partner with Dutch Cargo – a company built with a passion for every-day cycling and an appreciation for quality.” said Evan Wert, Global Sales and Marketing Director of Cirrus Cycles.

Patented in 2014, Cirrus Cycles’ unique suspension isolation technology in the Kinekt seatposts to deliver a smoother, more comfortable ride. Unlike any other products on the market, Kinekt seatposts are simply tunable, focus on body isolation and have a greater vertical compliance. Kinekt’s revolutionary stems are designed to increase comfort and control. They’re also adjustable, compact, and built to last.

Dutch Cargo was founded in 2010 by Jurgen and Emmy Heikamp, two Dutch nationals who brought their experience and love of cycling for transportation with them to Australia. With a focus on premium eBikes and eCargo bikes, they’ve secured exclusive Australian distribution agencies for a range of top quality European and global brands including well-respected brands such as Tern, Urban Arrow, Riese and Muller and now Kinekt.

Jurgen Heikamp, Co-founder of Dutch Cargo stated, “We are excited to partner with Cirrus Cycles for the distribution of its premium isolation seatposts and stems, under the brand Kinekt. Their products perfectly align with our omnichannel distribution strategy throughout Australia and New Zealand; particularly as we now handle a wide range of products and categories including Urban and Commute, Cargo Bikes, Inclusive Cycling and Folding Bikes. Kinekt cycling accessories complement our range as they are high-end, durable and extremely comfortable. Comfort is a major component of people’s requirements when considering their transport solutions.”

In addition to Australia and NZ, Kinekt products are also available in Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, the UK, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and North America.

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About Cirrus Cycles:

The BodyFloat/KINEKT Seatpost was born out of necessity by co-founder Paul Barkley after serving in the Peace Corps on the rough roads of Uganda. While bicycle evolution was clearly not the mission of his return trip to Africa, he found it essential to improve his endurance in the saddle while traveling extended distances on two wheels. As an excellent bike mechanic, former frame designer, fabricator, and bike shop owner, he invented the first version of the Isolation Seatpost.

This design became the basis of the current Kinekt Seatpost; a technically advanced isolation system that dramatically improves the comfort and performance of any bike and any rider. Cirrus Cycles Inc was founded in 2010 with the seatpost being issued a patent in 2014. Now in its 12th year, the brand is still passionate about developing products that help provide more comfort and greater safety when cycling. Kinekt wants to see a world on bikes and is proud to do its part for a healthier planet and healthier lifestyles. www.cirruscycles.com