CENTRED advances digital roadmap by partnering with SweatWorks

May 4, 2022

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Leading travel and wellness brand CENTRED partners with digital tech agency SweatWorks, as they continue to drive technological innovation in the travel and wellness market.

CENTRED is leading the way in the travel and wellness market by meeting the user exactly where they are. This partnership will elevate their digital offering by developing new technology that will create a completely new experience for the modern traveler.

SweatWorks’ technical and innovative approach to health and wellness provides the perfect synergy with CENTRED’s user centric platform. Both brands’ vision and mission is to improve people’s health and wellbeing and this partnership opens up possibilities to connect with more people across more countries.

CENTRED is an invite-only B2B2C travel and wellness marketplace, with offerings in the top 300 cities and destinations around the world. They keep health and wellness at the core of every experience where people live, work, and travel to ensure that they always feel CENTRED. Through their personal explorations, seeking the best wellness amenities that each destination has to offer, they have sourced a list of trusted brands around the globe to give users the best experience possible.

SweatWorks is the leading digital agency for the fitness and wellness industry. They collaborate with leading fitness brands to forge innovative products that push digital fitness boundaries by creating custom hardware, design, code, and AI. Delivering fitness experiences that drive engagement, inspire brand loyalty, and create healthier people by leveraging the power of AI to cultivate personalized experiences based on lifestyle patterns.

Brian Chappon, Founder & CEO CENTREDI was immediately drawn to the unique mind of Mohammed Iqbal and his incredible team at SweatWorks. We know that, together, we can change our industry through building innovative technology that will give our partners and CENTRED members a seamless user experience.

Mohammed Iqbal, Founder & CEO SweatWorksWe are excited to be working with Brian and the team at CENTRED, it’s an honor to have this opportunity to work with a brand that so perfectly aligns with our core principles. This partnership will enable us to combine expertise to produce innovative insights and experiences for the user.