CADEX Announces New Classics Tubeless ‘All-Conditions’ Road Tires

September 10, 2020

Cutting-edge CADEX tire compound technology provides superior speed and control, features excellent puncture resistance, low vibration acceleration, and a supple road-feel.

(September 10, 2020) — CADEX, the manufacturer of high-performance cycling products, today announced the launch of its new all-around, all-conditions Classics Tubeless road tire in 25c, 28c, and 32c. The CADEX Classics Tubeless tire features an ultra-grippy tire compound, advanced puncture protection, and a supple race casing that provide versatility and confident performance on rough, uneven, and wet roads. The 28c Classics Tubeless tire is available from authorized CADEX retailers and www.cadex-cycling.com for an SRP of USD $99.99. The 25c and 32c Classics Tubeless tire will be available in fall 2020.

After successfully debuting the CADEX Race Tubeless tire in fall 2019, the CADEX Classics Tubeless tire is the brand’s second high-performance, race-ready tire, explicitly designed for long-distance and mixed-terrain challenges. Working closely with the professional riders of CCC-Team, the CADEX team developed and tested numerous tire compounds and profile shapes to reach an optimal tread pattern, compound, and casing to deliver exceptional performance over the most demanding all-around, long-mileage efforts.

A defining aspect of the new CADEX Classics Tubeless road tire is its state-of-the-art silica-based RR-S AR tire compound, which allows for a fast-rolling tire while still providing maximum grip while cornering—especially at speed and wet conditions.

Additionally, the tires offer superior puncture protection against road debris with Race Shield+, an exclusive ultra-lightweight and cut-resistant Kevlar® material placed strategically over the casing. Finally, proprietary single-layer Supple Race Casing delivers an incredibly tactile, tubular ride-feel while offering low weight, superior rolling efficiency, and low vibration acceleration.

“When tire manufacturers talk about tires, there’s a tendency to focus on rolling resistance. That’s a great measurement to reference if you’re talking about riding on a smooth track or the painted line. But, it’s just not a reliable figure for understanding how a tire will perform in real-world conditions where uneven sections of tarmac, cracks, potholes, and patches all combine to slow the rider down,” commented Jeff Schneider, Head of Product and Marketing for CADEX Cycling. “Here at CADEX, we don’t ignore rolling resistance; we just place a greater emphasis on lowering the tire’s vibration acceleration. Improve that, and the result is a tire that maintains better forward momentum and, ultimately, allows the rider to go faster.”

Key Features Include:

  • RR-S AR Compound for outstanding grip and maximum speed in all conditions.
  • Single-layer SRC casing for an incredibly supple ride at a super low weight.
  • Race Shield+ for 34% more puncture protection without compromising on speed or ride quality.
  • All-new all-conditions tread pattern for increased grip and water-shedding.

For additional details on all CADEX products, including 42mm and 65mm hookless tubeless and tubular carbon road wheelsets, 4-spoke Aero and tubular Aero Disc wheelsets for TT and triathlon applications, a super-lightweight carbon saddle, as well as additional race-ready tubeless tires, visit the CADEX website at www.cadex-cycling.com.

Product images and technical information here: http://bit.ly/CADEXClassics.

Photo Captions

CADEX Classics Product: Working closely with the professional riders of CCC-Team, CADEX developed and tested numerous tire compounds and profile shapes to reach an optimal tread pattern, compound, and casing to deliver exceptional performance over the most demanding all-around, long-mileage efforts.

CADEX Classics Compliance: Single-layer Supple Race Casing offers maximum compliance and an ultra-active feel on mixed surfaces.

CADEX Classics Race Shield+: Race Shield+ is a layer of proprietary Kevlar-based material that sits over the tire casing to provide the highest level of puncture protection without sacrificing a super supple ride feel.

CADEX Classics Control: On rough roads or in wet conditions, CADEX’s all-new RR-S AR compound provides outstanding grip and confidence without compromising on speed.

CADEX Classics Speed and Ride Feel: With ultra-grippy all-conditions compound, advanced puncture protection, and a Supple Race Casing, the all-new CADEX Classics Tubeless tire is a superior tire choice for the most demanding conditions.


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