bluerub launches hair and body care products for triathletes and swimmers

May 5, 2021

The SWIM collection revives and restores skin and hair with activated charcoal.

Loveland, CO: Today, bluerub, a natural body care company for all athletes, announced their SWIM collection: three products that remove chlorine, salt, and bromine from skin and hair.  They also restore pH and protect hair and skin from the effects of salt water and pool chemicals.

bluerub worked directly with triathletes to develop this product line. They wanted a natural and sustainable solution to undo the damage pools and salt water can do. With three products in the SWIM Collection, triathletes, swimmers, and divers now have products that work.  “WASH, NOURISH, and DEEP,” says Dave Veldhuizen, co-owner and CEO of bluerub, “were born from necessity. Chlorine and salt wreck havoc on skin, scalp and hair. Not only do you smell like you’ve been in the pool, the pH of hair and skin are out of balance, and hair and skin are dry, flaky and itchy.  The SWIM collection takes care of all those issues.”

The collection is built around a vegan activated charcoal base made from sustainable hardwoods to chelate salt, chlorine, and bromine from skin and hair.  Fruit acids gently exfoliate the skin and scalp, and are rich in antioxidants to help soften skin and hair. Essential oils help restore pH and soothe damaged, dry skin and hair.

“I hate how my skin and hair look and feel after my swims,” says professional triathlete and coach Angela Naeth. “When I tried the SWIM collection, I was a bit startled by the black color, but after using it just once, I knew it was a winner. My hair and skin felt and looked great. Plus, I loved how I smelled. It’s now part of my daily routine.”

All three products come in 3.4 oz size that meets TSA guidelines and can easily be stashed in a gym bag or swim kit. They retail for $12 each. For every sale bluerub will plant one tree with One Tree Planted.  The SWIM collection is available online at www.bluerub.com and at select retailers.


About bluerub: bluerub is a Loveland, Colorado-based company creating natural body care products for all athletes. bluerub is committed to clean, non-toxic ingredients, and sustainable business practices. Their natural anti-friction and recovery products offer all athletes real options from traditional synthetic and petroleum-based products. bluerub is meeting athletes’ expectations and transforming how athletes perform, protect, and recover.

About Angela Naeth: Naeth is a Canadian triathlete with numerous successes including winning the North American Ironman National Championships May 16, 2015 at The Woodlands, Texas.She has 19 70.3 titles to her name, 36 podiums, 5+ podium IM, and 3 full Ironman wins – all under 9 hours. She is the founder of the largest global all women’s endurance team: IRACELIKEAGIRL and an endurance coach.

On October 13, 2018, Angela finished in 8th place at the Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i in a time of 8:57:34. She was diagnosed with Lyme in early 2018, and has been an advocate and world-class competitor while treating the illness.

A physical therapist by trade, Naeth holds a master’s degree in physical therapy and a bachelor’s degree in health science. Before becoming a professional triathlete in 2008, she worked as a pediatric and orthopedic physiotherapist.

For more information, please contact us at val@bluerub.com.