BKOOL Announces Exclusive Partnership with Deutschland Tour to Bring the Prestigious Race to Virtual Cycling Enthusiasts

January 29, 2024

BKOOL, the pioneering virtual cycling simulator, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the prestigious Deutschland Tour.

Madrid & Berlin, 29/1/2024 – /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – BKOOL, the pioneering virtual cycling simulator, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the prestigious Deutschland Tour. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone for both BKOOL and the renowned German cycling event, as it brings the excitement and challenge of Deutschland Tour directly to the homes of cycling enthusiasts around the world.

Digitalizing the Deutschland Tour: A New Dimension in Virtual Cycling

Starting from February 5th, BKOOL users will have the unique opportunity to experience the Deutschland Tour like never before. This exclusive partnership allows BKOOL to digitalize the race, offering users a virtual replication of each last edition stage with unparalleled realism. Cyclists can immerse themselves in the iconic landscapes and challenging routes that defined Deutschland Tour 2023, all from the comfort of their own homes.

A Realistic and Immersive Experience

BKOOL’s cutting-edge technology ensures an authentic and immersive experience for users. From the picturesque landscapes to the dynamic challenges of each stage, cyclists will feel the adrenaline of the last Deutschland Tour edition as if they were physically present on the roads of Germany. The integration of real video, 3D avatars and 3D ads elements adds an extra layer of realism to the virtual experience.

Official Platform for Deutschland Tour Virtual Ride

In addition to the digitalized stages, BKOOL will serve as the official platform for the Deutschland Tour Virtual Ride. This virtual competition allows cyclists from across the globe to compete against each other, mirroring the intensity and excitement of the live event. Participants can test their skills on the same courses as professional cyclists, creating a sense of camaraderie and competition within the BKOOL community.

According to Alfonso García-Lozano, BKOOL’s CEO, “In Germany, indoor cycling is taking off, and at BKOOL, we’re excited to be part of this fitness revolution. Our partnership with Deutschland Tour underscores the importance of bringing cycling indoors, offering German enthusiasts an immersive experience that aligns with their love for the sport. Together, we’re shaping the future of cycling in Germany, bridging the gap between outdoor and indoor training for an enhanced riding experience.”.

How to Participate:

Cyclists eager to participate in the Deutschland Tour virtual experience on BKOOL can find more information on the official landing page of the event and stay tuned for further announcements leading up to the event in February.

About BKOOL:

BKOOL is a leading virtual cycling simulator that revolutionizes indoor cycling, providing users with an immersive and realistic experience. With a commitment to innovation, BKOOL continues to push the boundaries of virtual cycling, making it accessible to enthusiasts worldwide.

About Deutschland Tour:

Deutschland Tour is a prestigious professional cycling race held annually in Germany. Known for its challenging routes and showcasing the country’s picturesque landscapes, Deutschland Tour attracts top cyclists from around the world.

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