BKOOL announces a price revision for new users and the addition of a new Family Plan

March 9, 2023

The indoor cycling platform, official Giro d’Italia Virtual cycling simulator, revises its current prices and launches an option to have a shared account so that families can do sport at home with a special tariff.

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The indoor cycling platform, official Giro d’Italia Virtual cycling simulator, revises its current prices and launches an option to have a shared account so that families can do sport at home with a special tariff.

BKOOL has positioned itself as the most realistic and complete virtual cycling platform on the market. No other indoor cycling platform offers such a variety of real routes in video and 3D, different virtual velodromes and the chance to enjoy spinning classes in video without leaving home.

New features at BKOOL

Over the past year, the platform has aimed to reinforce its social component and the personalisation of the experience, as well as the variety and quality of the uncountable cycling training possibilities. The new version of the app includes an optimised, more intuitive dashboard, designed to help the thousands of cyclists who train daily in the simulator to be able to do so together, making actual virtual pelotons, organised to meet up as friends or compete amongst themselves.

Also, BKOOL is the official virtual cycling platform of the Giro d’Italia. In order to create the virtual version of the Corsa Rosa, the company, recently awarded the Pyme Innovadora 2023 badge, has developed a new more realistic and immersive simulation technology, combining high-definition video with avatars and other 3D elements. Added to the actual stages of the Giro d’Italia, BKOOL has already extended this type of technology to new routes such as the route of the Italian Classic the Strade Bianche and various cycling routes in Andorra. To ride on all these virtual routes, the platform has included new 3D bikes inspired by actual models from the best brands on the market, such as Specialized or Aurum.

The next new feature which is about to be launched is LIVE Coach by Wattslab. BKOOL will continue revolutionising the concept of indoor training. Personalised classes, led by a professional instructor, which offers their advice and recommendations live to the users, while they train at home. It is a service which is only available at some specialised cycling training centres and which now, thanks to BKOOL, can be accessed by any user at home, receiving expert feedback live.

Added to all of this, BKOOL users have the BKOOL Fitness app included in the same subscription, which allows them to enjoy indoor cycling classes at home just as if they were at the gym. BKOOL Fitness has also been completely renovated with a new control panel which noticeably improves the user experience. As well as being compatible with Apple Watch, it is also now compatible with Android TV and Apple TV, allowing you to follow the spinning instructors on television whilst you train.

The current user will keep the same prices

To make the most of all of this content and new features all you need is a cycling smart trainer or a smart bike, and a BKOOL user account. After the company’s price review, the BKOOL Premium subscription will become 11€ on the monthly version and 100€ on the annual version from the month of April, which works out at 9.17€/month.

It is very important to note that BKOOL will maintain its current prices for all of its active Premium users up to the date of the price review, as a recognition of their trust and loyalty.  Therefore, whilst they continue being BKOOL users (with an active subscription which is not cancelled at any time), nothing will change for the tens of thousands of users who train each year on the platform.

The Family Plan

Also, as part of this price review, BKOOL has announced the launch of the Family Plan, which will allow three members of the same family to share their BKOOL Premium account at a special price of 129€ per year. By doing so, the platform aims to incentivise families doing sport together and transferring the passion for cycling from parents to their children.

The users of this Family Plan will be able to connect up tor 3 different devices at the same time, always in the same household. The maximum number of registered devices is 5, although they can be changed up to three times in one year.

On the other hand, the members included in the Family Plan, which is a maximum of 3, can be changed twice a year.


BKOOL is a technology company creating interactive and innovative solutions for sport and video-gaming. In the cycling sector, BKOOL has developed the most advanced and realistic simulator on the market. Furthermore, with BKOOL Fitness, the company has entered into the world of home fitness with an app for smartphones to be able to do classes with fitness instructors from home. Their virtual products are currently commercialized in over 50 countries.

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