Bigger, faster, more – TerraTrike teams up with Bosch to offer e-trike Boost Kit for nation’s leading trike models

February 25, 2020

Power-hungry trikers can flatten the hills with a Bosch-boosted TerraTrike

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — TerraTrike, the nation’s leading designer of recumbent trikes, is pleased to announce its partnership with Bosch and release of the Boost Kit, a non-integral power assist kit compatible with most TerraTrike models and available to consumers now.

The Boost Kit’s Bosch motor provides gentle acceleration up to 20 mph, allowing riders to extend their range and conquer the most challenging hilly terrain. A Bosch PowerPack 400WH lithium-ion battery and Purion controller are also included, along with hardware and charger. Boost Kit is compatible with the following TerraTrike models: Maverick, Rambler, Rover, Gran Tourismo and Traveler. MSRP is $2499.

“Pedal assist is the future. It’s scientifically proven that these Boost-equipped TerraTrikes induce uncontrollable grinning, which comes with all kinds of health benefits,” said TerraTrike Director of Sales and Marketing Marshall Randall. “And of course the other reason we’re embracing this technology is because it’s gotten so good – Bosch is a brand we can trust, their product is incredible, and it’s going to eliminate a lot of barriers of entry. With the Boost Kit, there’s no need to worry about pedaling up big hills or keeping up with a group or making it through a long, ambitious tour. Did I mention it’s an absolute blast to rip around on one of these boosted trikes?”

Bosch drive systems are used by over 70 of the world’s top bicycle manufacturers to power state-of-the-art e-bikes. TerraTrike’s use of the technology for its Boost Kit is unique because unlike a dedicated e-trike or e-bike, a Boost-equipped TerraTrike can be converted from an e-trike back to a pure human-powered vehicle (or vice versa) with relative ease. The Boost Kit is also backwards compatible with TerraTrike’s popular Rover model, which sold over 15,000 units in its 10-year run.

Boost Kit is available exclusively through official TerraTrike dealers. To find a dealer near you, check TerraTrike’s dealer finder HERE.

About TerraTrike

TerraTrike – part of the WizWheelz, Inc., family of brands – is the largest producer of recumbent trikes in the U.S. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, TerraTrike was founded on the simple notion that recumbent touring bikes are more fun. For more than 24 years, TerraTrike has been bringing adventure touring and leisure triking to the masses, maintaining one of the industry’s most extensive sales and support teams, with over 250 dealers and 300 doors internationally. For more information, visit TerraTrike.com or find them on social media.