BibRave to Drive Marketing for Launch of The Run Show USA

June 23, 2021

BibRave will lead content strategy, brand positioning, and influencer management

Portland, OR – BibRave, the running industry leader in grassroots digital marketing, has partnered with The Run Show USA, a spin-off of the award-winning, UK-based The National Running Show, to launch their inaugural US events. Showcasing the latest cutting-edge footwear, nutrition, electronics, and other running gear, The Run Show USA will unite consumers and brands to celebrate the best running has to offer.

As lead marketing agency on the US launch, BibRave will drive the overall marketing strategy and brand positioning, including email and social content strategy and execution, management of influencer and ambassador programs, and other grassroots and community-led partnerships. As part of a wildly successful UK-based running event, The Run Show USA will benefit from BibRave’s running industry expertise, as well as the agency’s presence within the US running community. BibRave will also leverage their large community of running influencers – The BibRave Ambassadors – to help spread the word and encourage fellow runners to attend The Run Show USA.

“We’re so excited to bring The Run Show USA to America and to unite running consumers with the best brands, products, and speakers our sport has to offer,” said Jo Tyler, CMO of The Run Show USA. “BibRave’s expertise from an American running industry and community perspective will be invaluable, and we look forward to leveraging their brand strategy and content best practices.”

The Run Show USA launches in Boston on January 29-30, 2022, and in Chicago on June 4-5, 2022, allowing attendees to research and buy the right gear before spring and fall Marathon training begins.

“The Run Show USA is a brilliant idea and we’re thrilled to work on such a fun event,” said Tim Murphy, Co-Founder of BibRave. “We’ve worked with conferences that unite event producers and vendors, and we’ve worked with trade shows that combine retailers and brands. But The Run Show USA will finally bring together consumers and brands to celebrate our sport and the best speakers and products available. BibRave is stoked to be a part of this exciting event.”

About The Run Show USA

Based on the award-winning National Running Show in the UK, The Run Show USA’s vision is to create a large-scale exhibition for US consumers to get an up-close look at the hottest running products, brands, and speakers.

The events take place before spring and fall Marathon seasons to allow attendees to research and buy the right gear before race season. A utopia for running enthusiasts, The Run Show USA will provide access to all the gear, tech, nutrition, inspiration, and advice needed to achieve any running goal.

About BibRave

BibRave is an endurance- and fitness-focussed marketing agency. The company specializes in ambassador program creation and management, creative in-person brand activations (concepting and execution), digital content strategy & creation, event strategy & activation, and more.

BibRave is also a consumer-facing running community that educates runners on the best races to run, the best gear to use, and the hottest running tech. The BibRave Ambassadors are a nationwide network of micro influencers that race, try new gear, and support each other across the country. BibRave’s monthly Twitter chat – #BibChat, The BibRave Podcast, BibRave.com, and The BibRave 100 are other tools that serve the endurance community with information, advice, and inspiration.