BibRave Launches First-of-its-Kind, Running-Powered Virtual Escape Room, Presented by Runkeeper

April 21, 2021

The Da Vinci Code meets X-Men with a playful comedic twist - all delivered via email and audio to power your daily run

Portland, OR – BibRave, the leading-edge endurance and fitness marketing agency, today launched Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus – a ground-breaking, immersive experience that mixes running with the clues, codes, and explosive popularity of Escape Rooms. Participants receive email and secretive social puzzles to unlock run distances and new challenges, and Runkeeper technology delivers on-the-run audio entertainment with more puzzles, clues, and entertaining storyline.

Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus takes participants on a journey to help Atalanta, the Greek Goddess of Running, earn her spot as the 13th deity among the Pantheon of gods. However, not all the Olympian gods support Atalanta’s cause, so a modernized Dionysus, Apollo, Hades, Aphrodite, Athena, and Zeus created six challenges meant to thwart her quest (with plenty of sass and comedy along the way). Atalanta has chosen to partner with a mortal (the participant) to prove that mortals and gods can work together productively, and that she deserves a spot on Mt. Olympus.

Email puzzles and clues are sent from Hermes, the Messenger God, which (when solved) unlock the participant’s run distances. At various distance-based intervals during the runs, the participants hear from each of the gods and goddesses, delivering a delightful narrative story along with additional information and clues to solve new puzzles and unlock their next challenge. The process repeats until each deity’s puzzle is solved, the participant has completed six runs totaling 27 miles, and Zeus welcomes Atalanta to her new home atop Mt. Olympus.

In addition to Runkeeper supporting Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus as presenting sponsor and exclusive audio software partner, the event also welcomes AfterShokz as official headphone partner (and headphone of choice for Atalanta the Goddess of Running, and Hermes the [Bike] Messenger God), plus Knockaround as official sunglasses partner (and shades of choice for Apollo the Sun God).

“There’s so much emerging but still disparate technology around the virtual running space, and we saw an opportunity to use these different hardware and software pieces together to create a truly novel, delightful experience, powered by running,” said Tim Murphy, Co-Founder of BibRave. “We can’t wait for participants to hear from the hilarious, idiosyncratic gods, crack puzzles and codes to unlock more runs and storyline, and experience a totally new form of entertainment and motivation on the run.”

About BibRave

BibRave works with races and brands to help them engage with runners and ultimately drive more sales and registrations. Through their large network of running bloggers (BibRave Pros), their popular Twitter event (#BibChat), and The BibRave Podcast (Apple, Android, or Spotify) BibRave helps endurance brands and races go beyond simple advertising and truly connect with more runners.

The company’s consumer-facing product is a race review site where runners can learn about a race before signing up, and leave feedback after the event.