BibRave Innovates the Virtual Race Experience with the Napa Valley Marathon

March 10, 2021

BibRave’s digital content series gave participants a VIP virtual race event

Portland, OR – BibRave, the running industry leader in grassroots digital marketing, created a unique digital content series for the Napa Valley Marathon, managed by Blistering Pace Race Management (BPRM), that propelled their recent virtual experience beyond the standard race model. With the Behind the Vines digital content series, BibRave and BPRM brought the Napa Valley race-cation experience to life digitally for participants of the Napa Valley Marathon’s Perfect Pairing Virtual Experience. BibRave managed the ideation, content scheduling, asset creation, and video production coordination of this series with meticulous attention to detail and project management.

“Our goal at Blistering Pace Race Management is to create outstanding race events for our participants while delivering entitlements and value to our sponsors,” said Michelle La Sala, Founder and President of BPRM. “That has been more challenging than ever in the past year, so we were proud to partner with BibRave to think creatively about new and exciting ways to deliver an experience that is leaps and bounds above the norm.”

The Behind the Vines digital content series highlighted the race’s partnership with sponsor Clif Family Winery. It kicked off in January with a “TimeVine of Events” that outlined eight weeks of engaging content. This content featured live wine tasting and chocolate pairings, interactive graphics, and beautifully-produced videos that gave runners a VIP tour of Napa Valley’s wine country.

“We love to partner with races to create innovative experiences for their participants, whether those experiences are in-person or virtual,” said Tim Murphy, Co-Founder of BibRave. “BPRM is always willing to explore new ways to bring excitement and connection to the running community, and we were thrilled to ideate, design, and execute this truly unique virtual enhancement for runners.”

Additional content for the Behind the Vines series included runner-focused live cooking demos and a custom interactive graphic that participants could use to build the perfect charcuterie board to celebrate their race accomplishments and get a jump on using some of their custom wine-inspired race swag!

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